5 Reasons a Water IONIZER Beats a Water ALKALIZER


Alkaline water, ionized water…they’re the same, right? The terminology can get a little tricky, so let’s take a look at why you need an ionizer as opposed to an alkalizer.


Alkaline, Ions, Electrolysis…Where to Begin

When you reach for a glass of water, the options are seemingly endless.

Municipal, well, spring, purified, carbonated, alkaline, acidic, ionized, deionized, filtered, artesian, flavored, bottled…there are entire aisles of wildly different varieties of water at the grocery store.

Not all water is created equal, but some brands try to market themselves as “health” water by riding on the coattails of others.

Plain Alkaline Water vs. Ionized Alkaline Water


 You don’t have to walk this far to find the answer.

Two of the key players we’re going to look at (seeing as how you’re on a blog about ionized alkaline water) are water produced by alkalizers and water created from water ionizers.

It gets confusing because Tyent’s ionizers, for example, produce water that is both alkalized and ionized.

Now, alkaline water and ionized water are both beneficial—just take a look at the research supporting each one. (Alkaline, ionized.)

Those benefits include:

  • Fighting diabetes;

  • Maintaining optimal hydration;

  • And even fighting the effects of aging!

But it’s sort of like how squares are technically rectangles, but rectangles aren’t necessarily squares.

So why is water that is solely alkalized inferior to the ionized variety?

Electrolysis Is Where the Magic Happens


It’s all about the electrolysis.

Simply running your water through an alkalizer does raise its pH. And we’ve seen countless times how water with a high pH can benefit the human body.

The more acidic the body becomes, the more likely it is that the body will break down and degenerate. -Dr. Richard Powell

High pH water is great, but we can do even better.

When you use a top-notch water ionizer like Tyent’s, your water is not only alkalized, but also ionized with powerful and beneficial antioxidants.

The electrolysis process simply adds a second layer to alkaline water—a layer that takes the health-giving effects of alkaline water and combines it with the anti-aging, energizing properties of antioxidants.

If you’re still not sure about the whole “alkalizer/ionizer” thing, head on over to Tyent’s detailed buying guide. It’s got answers to all of your questions, and it’s a great first step towards finding the water ionizer to suit your needs—whether you want to feel more energetic or simply want the cleanest, purest water for your home.

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