Bottled Alkaline Water Is NOT the Best Way to Stay Hydrated

When is drinking water not the best option? Answer: when it comes in a bottle or when it hasn’t been purified.

Got a thirst on? About to reach for the nearest plastic bottle of alkaline water to quench it? STOP!

There are a bunch of reasons to avoid bottled water, and guess what? It’s not even the best way to stay hydrated…even if it is alkaline water.


Drinking Bottled Water Is NOT the Best Way


Bottled Alkaline Water is a Problem

We’ll explain. True, water is the best way to stay hydrated. Water is more hydrating than all other drinks. But not all types of water are equal.

Alkaline water in a bottle is inferior to ionized Tyent alkaline water. There are several reasons for this:

1. In clinical tests, most of the bottled varieties of alkaline water were not alkaline at all! In shocking findings, 13 out of 16 brands tested revealed that the ‘alkaline water’ was actually neutral or acidic. Three brands tested were mildly alkaline, but nowhere near the alkalinity of Tyent alkaline water.

2. Plastic bottles are an increasingly alarming problem for both the health of the planet and your Dangerous PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ and microplastics are twin health hazards that just cannot be ignored. If you drink alkaline water from a plastic bottle, then you’re almost certainly getting a side order of PFAS and microplastics.

3. What about Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)? This is the concentration of vital antioxidants in the water. The lower the number, the more potent the ORP power to neutralize harmful free radicals and slow down cell damage and the natural aging process. In the same bottled alkaline water tests, all except ONE brand showed positive ORP readings. By contrast, Tyent alkaline water alone recorded a negative ORP of –745, equating to powerful antioxidant properties.

4. Whatever benefits bottled alkaline water might have when it’s manufactured will diminish every single day that it spends on a truck, in a warehouse, and on a grocery store shelf. While the quality of water diminishes, the likelihood of chemicals leaching into your water increases. Tempting, right?


Unpurified Bottled Alkaline Water is Even Worse

How about bottled alkaline water that hasn’t been purified? This is a set of potential health problems waiting to happen.

For context, let’s look at the kind of dangers that can erupt with bottled water that IS purified. Between E.Coli being found in not one, but 14 different brands of bottled water, and a non-viral hepatitis B outbreak being traced to a major bottled alkaline water brand, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Knowingly drinking unpurified water, in our modern world of lethal chemicals contaminating groundwater, deadly herbicides and pesticides, drug residues and more, is inviting unnecessary risk. Combine all that with plastic contamination, and it’s verging on foolhardy.


Ionized Tyent Alkaline Water Wins

Tyent alkaline water is freshly ionized and bursting with antioxidant-rich molecules of pure, natural hydrogen. Our industry-beating filters in every water ionizer produce the cleanest, most delicious water on the market.

You can tell the difference with Tyent alkaline water from the first sip. Try a water ionizer now, risk-free, for 75 days.


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