Essentia Bottled Alkaline Water? Is It Worth It?

Ever wondered why your bottled alkaline water brand isn’t delivering what it promised?

You might be drinking bottled alkaline water and not getting the results that you think you should feel… and that’s because bottled alkaline water is not the same as fresh alkaline water containing Molecular Hydrogen.


Essentia Bottled Alkaline Water __ Is It Worth It


Big Brands Under the Microscope

Essentia, Fiji and Evian were among the 16 big brands under the microscope in a comprehensive Beverages pH & ORP Test, carried out during July 2008 in California using a calibrated PinPoint Combo pH / ORP Meter.

The purpose of the study? To identify which brands of drinking water deliver alkalinity AND the potent goodness of natural antioxidants.


Why You Need to Know About Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

Before we go further, let’s look for a moment at what Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) really means, and why it matters.

In basic terms, the lower the ORP, the higher and therefore more beneficial the level of antioxidants present in the water. In other words, when it comes to ORP, less is definitely more.

Antioxidants are enormously important to good health. Oxidation-inhibiting compounds, they play a vital role in neutralizing the damaging effects of free radicals and help to put the brakes on cellular deterioration.

Here’s where the Beverages pH & ORP Test gets interesting. With only one exception, the bottled alkaline water brands recorded positive levels of ORP. Essentia, for example, produced a positive oxidation reading of +179, meaning that the water is an oxidizing agent. In the same tests, Tyent water was found to have a negative ORP of –745, and therefore powerfully antioxidizing. Remember – the lower the ORP, the better for you.


How Alkaline is YOUR Water?

But what about alkalinity? That is after all why people buy bottled alkaline water, right? Here’s some shocking news: all but three brands showed neutral or acidic pH readings. Of the three that recorded alkalinity, Tyent water alone produced a pH value of 9.5, earning the only place in the most ‘healthful’ category of the results.

Why is this? Virtually every other water brand in the extensive testing recorded high levels of positive ORP and pH levels that were, for the most part, incomparable with those of Tyent water.


Molecular Hydrogen in Alkaline Water

The difference is the presence of Molecular Hydrogen. Tyent water ionizers produce water that is rich with thousands of minute bubbles of pure, natural molecular hydrogen, which is positively linked to over 1000 clinical studies.

The potency of dissolved Molecular Hydrogen is astonishing: see the effect of Tyent Water working INSIDE your body, in this amazing video!

The takeaway? Your favorite brand of bottled alkaline water might not be so alkaline after all, and it cannot deliver the healthful slew of antioxidants and Molecular Hydrogen that a water ionizer does.


Tyent: Working Harder for You

Tyent leads the water ionizer industry because we work harder to build machines that deliver the very best-tasting alkaline Hydrogen Water to help support wellness and good health.

Try a Tyent water ionizer risk-free for 75 days and find out for yourself what a difference Tyent Water makes!


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Apply now for your FREE risk-free quote!


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