Water Ionizers – The Foodie’s Best Friend!

Love nothing more than rustling up delicious food for friends and family?  Enjoy dicing, slicing and sautéing as much as some people love watching a good movie?  Can you spot the ripest tomato in the bowl at 20 paces?

Love to cook?  You’ll enjoy it even more with a Tyent Ionizer!

If you answered yes to any of these questions (and even if you didn’t!), did you know that a water ionizer in the kitchen is perfect for food lovers?

 A Raw Deal?

Let’s start with the raw ingredients.  Organic food is free of herbicides and pesticides, but it costs more to produce and so the price of buying organic tends to be higher.  So you buy regular produce and wash it, right?

Well you can, but that’s not always effective.  Some fruit “holds on” to toxic chemicals more than others due to the difference in the skin texture or surface of the fruit or vegetable.  Also, herbicides and pesticides are designed to not wash off!  Rinsing in regular water, as so many of us do, is just not enough.

Turbo Water from Your Water Ionizer

With a Tyent Ionizer, you can use the Turbo Water setting to rinse those unwanted elements right off your fresh produce.  The result?  Clean, healthy veggies and fruit, without the organic price-tag!

Take a look at our video to watch exactly how effective Turbo Water is compared to regular water at rinsing off those chemicals!

It’s Fine to Brine!

Top chefs do it all the time, and with a Tyent Ionizer, you can brine meat and chicken for amazingly tender results with little to no effort!  Alkaline hydrogen water from your ionizer is perfect for this.  It couldn’t be easier – simply rest your uncooked meat or chicken in a salted water bath for several hours before cooking it.

Brining changes the proteins of the meat, a process that enables it to retain moisture more effectively. The combination of alkaline water and salt changes the structure of the proteins, allowing it to remain beautifully tender during cooking.

Such a Smoothie!

Switch out whatever liquid you usually add to your homemade smoothie and replace it with hydrogen water from your Tyent Ionizer for the ultimate health drink!  Experiment with throwing different kinds of fruit and herbs such as fresh mint or cilantro into your blender along with some ionized hydrogen water and see what amazing results you get!  Or how about trying the same thing with summer vegetables for a chilled gazpacho-type dish?

Tell us All About it! 

If you come up with something pretty special, then don’t keep it to yourself!  Tell us all about it and share your fabulous invention with some fellow foodies!



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