Fun Friday!


Weekend            Hey Everybody…it’s Fun Friday! 


We have all heard that old saying TGIF, well truer initials were never spoken. This has been some kind of workweek here at Tyent USA and we are so ready for the weekend!

Being it is Friday, it’s time to let go of the tensions of the week and have a little fun. I especially like Fridays because my boss graciously allows me the freedom to try to put a smile on your face. A few laughs are a great way to start the weekend.

Well, I love a good joke so here are a few that we find very funny and hope you will too.

ice looking

-The Ice Fisherman

One day this guy is ice-fishing and he’d been there only a short while when suddenly, overhead, he hears a voice booming and thunderous. “There are NO fish under the ice.” He looks around then lifts his line up. Sure enough, the bait hadn’t been touched. He puts it back in and sits there for a little while when again the voice returns. Only this time louder…and more adamant. “There are NO fish under the ice!” The man looks up, raises his palms to the heavens and cries out, “Is this the voice of God?”

This…is the skating rink Manager!”


I like that joke.



A man is summoned to his doctor’s office and the doctor asks him to sit down.

I have some bad news…and some worse news.” The doctor informs him.

What’s the bad news?” The man asks.

You have twenty-four hours to live…that’s all…then you’re dead.

Shocked, the man asks, “Well what the heck’s the worse news?”

I forgot to tell you yesterday when you were in here!”



-Eye Eye

So this old pirate returns to port after five years at sea, enters his favorite tavern and as he sits down the bartender comes up and says,

“Hey, I barely recognized you…you have really changed!”

“I haven’t changed all that much have I?”

“Well let’s see…you didn’t have that wooden leg last time I saw you.”

“True, yeah, I’ve had a little bad luck. A cannon ball took that off. But I’m good with the peg.”

You got a hook-hand.”

“Yeah, well I lost that in a sword fight…took me a while to get used to this but you know…I’m doin’ okay.”

“Well, how about that patch over your eye, you didn’t have that before.” “Lost it in battle?”

“No…that was an accident. I was on deck one morning and just as I looked up, a sea gull dropped some white-wash right in my eye.”

“And it put your eye out?”

“No…that was right after I got the hook.”


I hope you found a laugh in there somewhere.  


Ha Ha Big



Okay everybody, they are turning off the lights so check out this link to a funny prank video.  I am smiling as I type. I love to see people get scared.

Enjoy, and have a great Fun Friday!

Scared woman 



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