5 Myths You’ve Probably Seen on TV

Myths are a double-edged thing – they can be interesting to learn about, but they’re even more fun to debunk!

These 5 myths that you’ve probably seen on TV are a great example of stuff we like to believe, but let’s face it: facts are more empowering than myths!


5 Myths Youve Probably Seen on TV


Tired? Don’t Worry, You Can Catch Up at the Weekend!

A weekend lie-in is okay as an occasional thing, but a healthy sleep cycle shouldn’t be put on the back burner during the week. A study led by David Dinges of the Sleep and Chronobiology Unit at the University of Pennsylvania found that restricting sleep for five days, followed by ‘catching up’ at the weekend impacted reaction times, concentration and attention span.


Bacteria? Bad, Right?

Wrong! While keeping your home clean is important, not everything we touch and engage with should be completely sterile. Your body is full of single-celled bacteria. In fact, scientists think that bacterial cells might even outnumber human cells. Some types of bacteria are bad, but your body also needs the good bacteria to thrive. Your gut microbiota is vital – it supports weight management and overall health.


Take Vitamin C to Prevent a Cold

Sorry to bust this one. This is definitely one of the 5 myths you’ve probably seen on TV, and we’d love to believe it as we head into the colder months! However, the reality is that popping a Vitamin C supplement isn’t the silver bullet we’d like it to be. Vitamin C is beneficial for your body in many ways, but there is no evidence that taking it will stop you from getting a cold. Some studies seem to suggest that Vitamin C might help to improve cold symptoms a little, but even that isn’t a given. Still, take Vitamin C, it is good for you!


We Only Ever Use Ten Percent of Our Brains

If brains had eyes, they would roll them hard every time they heard this one (okay, they’d need ears as well, but you get the idea). It’s closer to the truth to say that we use all of our brains, most of the time. And we should look after them, with a healthy sleep cycle and a brain-rich diet.


Tomatoes are Fruit, Not Vegetables

This must be one of the many myths you’ve probably seen on TV! But it’s time to ketchup with the facts: tomatoes are fruit AND vegetables. The thing is, a tomato fits the botanical definition of fruit, but we use it as a vegetable. There are no specific botanical categories of individual vegetables, so we accept the culinary definition of tomatoes being vegetables. And fruit. Okay, this is one of the myths you’ve probably heard about that we’ve only semi-busted.


Tyent Water: No Myths to Bust!

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