Water is Coming! What Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters Should Really Drink

Game of Thrones, Season 8, premieres on Sunday, April 14th. But you already know that!

For anyone who does need a refresher, or just because we can’t get enough of one of the most phenomenal TV shows of the last decade, here are some GoT fast facts.

  1. What Is Game of Thrones?
  2. When Did Game of Thrones Start?
  3. Is This the Last Season of Game of Thrones?
  4. Game of Thrones Characters
  5. Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters Should Drink Alkaline Water from a Water Ionizer
  6. A Final Word on Water Ionizers
game of thrones
Never mind who will take the Iron Throne: who’s been drinking Tyent Water?

What Is Game of Thrones?

Based on the books by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones is a fantasy-adventure television series that’s rich with human drama, stunning visuals, and award-winning performances.

GoT is pitched roughly in medieval times, and the action takes place in the fictional lands of Westeros and Essos, as powerful families battle to claim the Iron Throne.

When Did Game of Thrones Start?

Game of Thrones – the television series – first started enthralling audiences and wowing critics in 2011.

Is This the Last Season of Game of Thrones?

Yes! (unfortunately)

Season Eight is where we say a final farewell to characters and plotlines that have had us sobbing, gripping cushions, punching the air, yelling in outrage and generally emoting all over the place.

It ends here.  But how?

Game of Thrones Characters

Game of Thrones is very much an ensemble piece with a sprawling cast but there are key characters around which some major storylines have tended to pivot.

Even those individuals are too many to list here, so we’ll give you three titans of GoT plots to date:

  • Jon Snow

This central character is inescapably compelling: illegitimate child; swordsman extraordinaire, flawed hero and insightful thinker.

But where will these qualities ultimately lead him?

  • Danerys Targaryen

Compassionate, kind and occasionally ruthless, the powerful Mother of Dragons has a strong moral compass and the kind of lateral thinking that enables her to make ethically sound decisions that don’t do her personal ambitions any harm either.

  • Tyrion Lannister

We’re plumping for Tyrion because of his complex background (privileged upbringing thwarted by a difficult relationship with his family because of his dwarfism); his cynical wit and his positioning at the center of so many key plotlines.

Tyrion is capable of loyalty, decency, tactical brilliance – and acts of breathtaking cruelty.

Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters Should Drink Alkaline Water from a Water Ionizer

Winter might be coming, but that’s no reason to cut down on hydration.

The battle for The Iron Throne is going to test everyone’s mettle, and every contender for the ultimate prize will need ionized alkaline water to stay ahead of the game.

Drinking hydrogen water from a water ionizer means:

  • Better hydration for longer (ten years of summer can play havoc with your hydration levels)
  • Improved mental acuity and agility, essential for outwitting a rival
  • The kind of energy that helps to lay your enemies to waste
  • Vital, bio-available alkaline minerals
  • Antioxidants powerful enough to raise armies and defeat your foes

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A Final Word on Water Ionizers

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“There’s no story so good a drink won’t make it better”

– Thoros of Myr

We concur but would like to paraphrase here: “there’s no story so good that a drink of alkaline hydrogen water won’t make it better.”

Who do YOU think will emerge victorious during the final season of Game of Thrones?

Who will finally be seated, scarred and all-powerful, on the Iron Throne? 

We’d love to hear your predictions – so comment below and share this with your friends and family!

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