Five Tips to Become Employee of the Month With Help From Your Water Ionizer!

Make your water ionizer work for you and become the new star of the office.

tyentTip #1: Look Like a Boss!
Whatever your usual work attire, the way you look can influence how people view you.  Drinking Tyent Water helps to improve the appearance of your skin, and using Turbo Water to rinse in the shower and after cleaning your teeth gives you ultra-shiny hair and a brilliant go-getting smile!

Tip #2: Intellectual Ability and Mental Agility!
Impress the boss with your quick fire ideas and mental prowess!  Tyent Water is jam-packed with amazing hydrogen that can actually help improve cognitive ability and brain function so you can wow your co-workers with your brilliant memory and sharp smarts!

Tip #3: Inner Confidence, Outer Cool
When you know that you’re taking care of your health and your body by drinking the right water, you’ll find that feeling of control and inner knowledge that ‘you got thissneaks into other parts of your life.  And there’s no doubt about it; authentic confidence is a hands-down workplace winner.  

Tip #4: Fit For Anything!
You don’t have to run 10k during your lunch break, but energetic people energize those around them. Forget so-called “Energy Drinks” that risk your health; take a tip from some of the biggest names in sports and drink Tyent Water for an energy boost that you can really feel.   

Tip #5: Boost That Bottom Line!
How can drinking the right ionized water improve your employer’s bottom line?  Think about it: when you have more energy your confidence and your mental sharpness are on point.  It’s inevitable that a great work performance follows and your boss is going to just love that!  

It’s Go Time
Ready to give Tyent a try? Give us a call at  and start working your way up that ladder.

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