Update Your Workspace and Feel Better (LIFE-CHANGING)

Your workspace can make you feel stronger, calmer and more in control. Update your workspace and feel better right away.

How do you make your workspace work for you? Follow our tips on workspace wellbeing and start working smarter!

Update Your Workspace and Feel Better



1. Green Working: COVID made homeworking commonplace. Millions of people now work from home as a permanent fixture, while others have returned to the office. Wherever you work, make it as leafy as possible! The benefits of having plants in your workspace are so profound, that if you do NOTHING else, introduce a plant or two near your desk. Update your workspace and feel better – here’s why green is good: 

  • Plants mop up toxins in the air and help to keep the air you breathe cleaner – that means less chance of you suffering from sore eyes, headaches, sore throat and tiredness.
  • The sight of a living, green plant has been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity and impart a feeling of calm. There’s even a word for this uplifting phenomenon – biophilia.
  • Plants need nurturing: caring for your plants imparts feelings of contentment and reduces stress.


2. Make Your Workspace a Comfortable Fit: It’s life-changing to update your workspace – you really will feel better – fast! Make sure that your workspace is ergonomically designed for your comfort. Poor posture and a badly designed desk can lead to pain and strain in the neck, back and shoulders. Explore options: would a standing desk work better for you? Have you tried using a split keyboard if you spend a lot of time typing? An ergonomic consultant can advise you on the best way to work.


3. Move Around & Feel Better: sitting in one position for hours is a recipe for discomfort. In the long term, it’s more serious – the World Health Organization believes that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of cancer, stroke, diabetes and more. Luckily, there’s another easy fix. If you are able, get up and walk around, preferably outside. Use any breaks to move your body: bend, stretch and take a brisk walk if possible. If that range of movement isn’t available to you, do what you can: neck, shoulder and arm exercises are important for upper body health.


4. Hydrate all Day Long: dehydration at work is bad news. Mental lethargy, lack of energy, and headaches are just the tip of the iceberg. Sip Tyent alkaline water all day for superior hydration, and these benefits:


5. Talk With Someone: chatting with coworkers can help the day go faster or lighten your mood. If you’re a homeworker, then make space to speak for a few minutes with a colleague, friend or family. It can feel stifling to go all day without holding a conversation of some kind: try to view having a short chat with someone during your working day as a healthy necessity.


Update Your Workspace and Feel Better: Your Tips!

It’s easy to update your workspace and feel better – many of these ideas you can implement immediately. Try our tips for happy working and let us know YOUR best ideas for workplace wellbeing!


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