Looking Younger and Feeling Better with Tyent Water!

Be honest, who wouldn’t mind looking a few years younger?  More energy?  Generally feeling better? Especially if you could achieve all of that without going under the knife or taking dubious supplements that don’t deliver what they promise.

Tyent water can make a real difference to your skin and hair.
Tyent water can make a real difference to your skin and hair.

The Trilogy of Wisdom

So what are your options for a natural beauty and energy boost?  Eat right, sleep well and drink water are the trilogy of wisdom on that, and rightly so; they all work wonders.  But you can add even more value to the drinking water part by making sure that the water that you drink is Tyent ionized alkaline water.

So how does alkaline water – as opposed to regular water – improve the way that you look and feel?

Hydration and Antioxidants

Well, first off, hydration is everything, and ionized alkaline water hydrates you faster and more efficiently than plain old tap water.  Plus, with each refreshing mouthful of alkaline water, you take in antioxidants that zap the free radicals responsible for accelerating signs of aging.

Acidic Water

Your Tyent ionizer also has an acidic water setting that can benefit your appearance!  Acidic water makes a fantastic toner for your skin.  Even your hair can benefit; when used as a final rinse, acidic water can impart a glossy sheen to your tresses.

Improve Your Energy Levels! 

So how about energy?  Can drinking Tyent water really make a difference?  Well, you could ask five-times Olympic champion Clara Hughes, Ryan Buchter of the San Diego Padres, Tom Brady’s trainer, Tom “The Throwing Doctor” House, the Baltimore Ravens Shareece Wright…we could go on, but you get our point.

These are world-class athletes and sports professionals, right at the top of their game, who are happy to talk about the boost to their fitness levels that they attribute to drinking Tyent water.

“I couldn’t imagine drinking regular or bottled water ever again.  My energy levels are higher, my recovery is quicker than ever.” 

~ Ryan Buchter

You know, all we’re doing is confirming what you already know; drinking water is good for you.  But drinking ionized alkaline water is even better!

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