Winter Colds, Fluids, and How a Water Ionizer Can Help With The Sniffles!

The winter cold season is here, riding into town on its usual fanfare of coughs, sniffles and weakened moans. Its arrival is anticipated by all…but welcomed by no one.

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Been struck down by the dreaded winter cold? A water ionizer can help!

How a Cold Dehydrates Your Body

One of the best things you can do for your body when seasonal viruses strike is to hydrate it.

The reality is…it’s easy to get dehydrated when you have a cold.

Your body loses moisture through sweating if you’re unlucky enough to get a mild fever…and then there’s that annoying runny nose.

You might also not feel like eating and drinking properly with a bad cold.

How to Rehydrate Your Body

The old-as-the-hills remedy of “drink plenty of fluids!” holds true, but glass after glass of tepid tap water is hardly an exciting prospect!

Instead, try rehydrating with one of our super-tasty fluid fixes!

1. Bone Broth

Most cultures have enjoyed a variation on good old-fashioned bone broth for hundreds of years.

Essentially vegetables, herbs, and chicken or beef bones simmered in water to create a savory, nutritious stock – the bone broth is comfort itself.

Prefer to avoid meat? Enjoy a rich, soothing vegetable broth instead.

2. Herbal and Fruit Tea

Ginger and honey are particularly good remedies to help alleviate the common cold, but there are dozens of varieties out there, so pick your favorite!

With no caffeine and no need to add milk (which is thought to make viral mucus thicker), herbal and fruit teas are great to sip and soothe.

3. Tyent Water

water ionizers
Tyent Water Ionizers: A remarkable way to better health!

Start drinking from a Tyent water ionizer and notice the difference right away.

Tyent Water is more hydrating than regular water and is packed with powerful antioxidants, natural hydrogen, and vital minerals to support good health.

Alkaline hydrogen water made from a Tyent water ionizer tastes fantastic too!

Let’s Chat About a Tyent Water Ionizer!

You can have an award-winning Tyent water ionizer machine fitted at home quickly and easily.

Why not call up our brilliant customer care team at to learn more about the health benefits of alkaline water?

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