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Female Doctor  After all the research I have had to do concerning ionized alkaline water, I must confess that I am a big believer in alkaline water in general and Tyent Water in particular. I often draw on testimonials from everyday people touting the healings and noticeable improvements in their health as a direct result of drinking alkaline water.

For today’s testimonials however, I’m drawing from medical professionals (not that they aren’t everyday people) who are experts in the field of good health and are strong supporters of ionized alkaline water.

I would like to begin with Dr. William Kelley. Doctor Kelley reportedly cured his own pancreatic cancer and prior to his death, was a leading authority on alternative medicine, contrary to the established medical field.  Here is what he had to say about ionized alkaline water.



Dr. William Kelley

College of Metabolic Medicine and Author of  Cancer Cure


Alkaline water, produced by a water ionizer, has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin”  

                                                                                                                             -Doctor William Kelley


Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water

Doctor Brian Sheen gives this next testimonial. Doctor Sheen holds a PhD and is the Executive Director of the Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He is a regular drinker of Tyent Water and offers this compelling endorsement.


-Brian Sheen PhD

I look forward to a longer and healthier life because of my use of the Tyent Water Ionizer and have happily shared this knowledge with others.”

-Brian Sheen


Ever since I have purchased the Tyent Water Ionizer I have found myself in a very determined state to maintain the healthy habit of drinking healthy alkaline based water to enhance my physical well being. My body seems to appreciate this discipline as both my energy level and health have been functioning at near optimum levels
This new habit fits in perfectly with my daily meditation and Course in Miracles lessons that help keep my mind “alkaline” as well by not allowing acidic grievances or inner conflicts to keep me off balance. Just knowing I am caring for my body in an ideal manner ensuring its main element, water, which is 2/3’s of its substance is the best possible, has helped keep me strong and healthy even when those around me are becoming ill”.


turning back time


Turn Back the Hands of Time with Ionized Alkaline Water

Our final testimony comes from noted Doctor Sang Whang; scientist, engineer and author of “Reverse Aging.”


Doctor Sang Whang

Alkaline neutralizes acid. Drinking healthy water can help our body dissolve acid wastes and makes it easier for the body to dispose of them safely. Since the accumulation of acid wastes is aging, the reduction of acid waste is reverse aging.”


With so much information available today from innumerable and varied sources, it would behoove you to invest a few moments of your time looking more closely into the quite remarkable healing properties that ionized alkaline water seems to possess.  Honestly, there is such a wealth of real world testimonies, case studies and certified claims of healthier living through alkaline water, that any amount of time you spend looking into this further will be time well spent and well worth your effort.

To learn more about this amazing ionized alkaline water, please follow this direct link to Tyent USA.







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