Is Bottled Water DOUBLING the Amount of Microplastics in Your Body?

In October last year, research scientists in Italy made the shocking discovery that microplastics are passed from mother to baby in breastmilk. The same team found microplastics in human placentas during research in 2020.

34 test subjects were monitored and microplastics were identified in 75% of the breastfeeding mothers’ milk.


Is Bottled Water DOUBLING the Amount of Microplastics in Your Body


Microplastics & Your Body

We should perhaps not be surprised, as gloomy as the news is. After all, microplastics are everywhere – in the air, our food and packaged drinks. In separate research, microplastics were found in human blood, which means that they are being transported around the human body and organs 24/7.

Your body does not expel all microplastics. It’s too soon to be able to study what effect this will have on widespread health, although a great deal of research is underway to identify health red flags linked to microplastics taking up residence in organs and other tissues.


Microplastics From Packaging

So, you cannot avoid them, but you can take steps to reduce your exposure. Here’s a thing – the plastics identified were largely composed of materials used in packaging: polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC.

Compared with air and food borne particles, bottled water contains excessive levels of microplastics. Studies show that microplastics are even more prevalent than previously thought, with around 325 particles of plastic in every liter of water you drink.

If you drink 2 liters of bottled water per day, that’s 237,250 microplastics every year from your drinking water alone.


“We would like to advise pregnant women to pay greater attention to avoiding food and drink packaged in plastic”

Dr. V. Notarstefano, Università Politecnica delle Marche


Is Tap Water Safer Than Bottled Water?

Does tap water contain microplastics? And if it does, what’s the answer?

Tap water does contain microplastics, but far fewer than bottled water. But tap water is also rife with other contaminants – including lead, pharmaceuticals and Chromium-6. Trying to drink clean water can sometimes feel like being stuck between a rock and a hard place!


Transform Your Tap Water with a Water Ionizer

The solution is to install a Tyent Water Ionizer.

A water ionizer works by transforming your source water into clean, safe, delicious water that you’ll love to drink. Instead of water that’s been sitting in a plastic bottle on a store shelf, you can enjoy water that’s freshly ionized and filtered by our world-class filters for peace of mind.


“We see only the tip of the iceberg with microplastics. Smaller nano-sized plastics are likely more prevalent and toxic.”

Prof. D. Vethaak, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam


Choose Plastic-Free Water!

Plastic bottles are a nightmare for the planet and contain over double the amount of microplastics than tap water. Compare that with clean, filtered, hydrogen-rich alkaline water from a water ionizer, which delivers amazing benefits you’ll love, including:

  • More energy
  • Potent antioxidants
  • Essential minerals (our intelligent filters remove contaminants but leave vital minerals intact)
  • Superior, pH-balanced hydration


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