A Real Smoothie… Alkaline Water Breakfast Mojito, Anyone?

Smoothies are such a fabulous way to get good things into your body.  Easily digested, fun to make and full of fresh nutrition.  Most people are switched on now to the power of smoothies, and unsurprisingly, there are enough smoothie recipes out there to try a different one for every day of the year!

It's okay. I call this breakfast.
It’s okay, I call this breakfast.

Hulk Juice From Your Ionizer!

But have you tried making your smoothies with alkaline water from your ionizer? By combining all of those fresh fruits and vegetables with your ionized water at breakfast time, you’ll have the most awesomely hydrating, energy boosting start to your day!

I find that alkaline water tastes particularly great in green smoothies, so here’s my favorite for when you need a real zingy boost.  It works at anytime of day, though personally I enjoy the decadence of enjoying a “mojito” for breakfast!

I add a little extra honey for the kids and call it ‘Hulk-Juice’, by the way…

Method and Ingredients

Generous handful of fresh mint, leaves picked

1 cup of baby leaf spinach

1 banana

Juice of 1 lime

¼ cup Alkaline Water

Ice (add to produce the thickness/dilution you prefer)

Honey to taste

Chuck everything into the blender, liquid first.  Add the ice as you go along, tasting to check for the right amount for you.  Serve in long glasses with a slice of lime for adults, or with a straw and a lame Hulk imitation for the kids.

Happy family preparing healthy smoothie

Smoothie Operators?

If you already have a favorite smoothie recipe, then make it again, but try switching some of the liquid for alkaline water.  Some recipes will work better than others but smoothies are really fun to experiment with!

When you hit on something special, don’t forget to let us know.  It would be great to try some of your homemade creations, so share those smoothies!



A Real Smoothie… Alkaline Water Breakfast Mojito, Anyone?
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