7 Tips to Finding the Best Water Ionizer on the Market

Whatever you purchase, you want to make sure that you’ve got the very best deal available; and that doesn’t always mean the cheapest that your money can buy. 

Many claim to be the best…few can prove it.
Many claim to be the best…few can prove it.

To help you find the best water ionizer on the market, we’ve put together a helpful 7-Step plan to make sure that you buy right.

  1. What Do the Medical Experts Think?

Anyone who drinks ionized alkaline water is usually trying in some way to improve or maintain their good health. So how about the medical establishment?  Knowing what the medical experts really think about ionizers might help.  

“The Tyent machine performs far above anything else that is out there.”

                                                                    ~ Dr. Joe Fawcett, DC 

  1. What Do Previous Customers Think?

The Internet means that bad products find it harder to hide.  It also means that when people are impressed with a product, they can share their thoughts.  Reading customer reviews is vital when it comes to finding the best purchase. 

  1. What Does the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Think?

The best ionizer should always come with the best customer service.  You need the reassurance of knowing that there’s an available, genuinely helpful support network there if you need advice or help getting started.  Tyent has received the highest possible A+ Rating from the BBB, which we’re pretty proud of as it shows that our continued commitment to our customers is recognized.

  1. What About the Future?

Most water ionizers come with a guarantee of some kind.  Not many offer anything like the “Forever Guarantee” that all Tyent ionizers come with as standard.  That’s pretty reassuring with a big purchase.

  1. Financing Your Purchase

If you want the option of spreading the cost of buying an ionizer, then Tyent can offer realistic and attractive terms to help you buy the ionizer of your dreams!  Give us a call to chat about the right deal for you.  

  1. Trial Period That Really Means Something?

A trial period of 10 days, even 28 days isn’t necessarily long enough to feel assured that you’ve made the right decision.   That’s why Tyent gives you a full 75 days to try out your ionizer at home and really see the difference that it makes to your life!

  1. Is it Actually the Best Ionizer on the Market?

Sometimes, you catch a break.  There you are, searching for the best ionizer on the market, and bam!  You happen upon the fact that Tyent has just won the award for Ionizer of The Year 2016.

 Champagne Explosion - Celebration New Year

Well, that should save a little time then.

Anything Else?

We hope we’ve helped, but if there’s anything to do with buying an ionizer that you’d like to chat about then give us a call on 855-893-6887 now – we love talking about our products!

7 Tips to Finding the Best Water Ionizer on the Market
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