Put That Sparkling Water Down! Drink from Water Ionizers Instead

Still drinking sparkling water? Then it’s time for a rethink. The bubble has well and truly burst on the bottled water industry and it’s time to say a firm farewell to the fizz.

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Many dentists would LOVE to see more people ditch sparkling water and use a water ionizer instead.

So – the next time you reach for a can or a bottle of the carbonated stuff from the shelf – it might be worth keeping a few things in mind.

Feeling Comfortable?

Many people have reported feeling uncomfortably bloated after drinking carbonated water. We find this to be hardly surprising since most brands of sparkling water are chock-full of artificially injected carbon dioxide.

If you suffer from stomach problems or have been diagnosed with IBS, for example, carbonated water may lead to flare-ups.

“Some people report bloating, burping, gas or stomach discomfort with sparkling water, so if you have sensitive digestion issues, you may do better with still water.” – Dr. M Zeidel, MD, Dept of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Sparkling Water, Not Such a Sparkling Smile?

Another big concern with drinking sparkling water is its effect on your teeth.

Some dentists are worried that the trend for effervescent beverages is harming our tooth enamel.

“It’s pH3 on the acidity scale. The bubbles erode your tooth enamel – and over time this causes painful yellow cracked teeth.” – Dr. Adam Thorne, founder, Harley Street Dental Studio

And what about flavored waters? They might not be in the same danger zone as soft drinks – but you should still give them the boot if you want to hang on to your healthy teeth.

Water Ionizers – Around 6¢ Per Glass!

Even if you think that your gut and teeth can handle the fizzy stuff – what about your wallet?

The cost of buying carbonated water is astronomical when compared to tap water…and even ionized alkaline water.

Remember…a Tyent Water Ionizer plumbs directly into your main water supply, so every glass of filtered, alkaline hydrogen water costs around a tiny 6¢ per glass.

The math speaks for itself. Tyent water ionizers are less expensive AND healthier for you than sparkling water.

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Rule the world and your health with Tyent Water Ionizers

Reducing Plastic Waste

Finally, our global and national reliance on disposable plastics is spinning out of control: we all need to play a part in helping to protect our planet.

Are you motivated to join in and help end the plastics problem? You can start by putting one of our award-winning water ionizers in your home to help reduce water waste.

Before you consider investing in the 2018 Water Ionizer of the Year – we invite you to order this FREE water quality report that analyzes the current state of your local water supply.

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Grab this FREE Water Report that reveals what bacteria and contaminants may be hiding in your water!

Looking for More Information on the Benefits of Alkaline Water? Talk to Us Today!

Ditching bottled water for a water ionizer machine can change your life. Tyent Water contains many benefits that you and your loved ones can enjoy on the road to better health.

Call our friendly customer success team today at to learn about some of the alkaline water benefits that you can receive from a Tyent water ionizer.

Deck the halls with good health this holiday season!

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