Golf and Alkaline Water

Pro-golfer Russell Surber’s listing on the Official World Golf Ranking tells the story of his professional achievements over the years, including seasons with the Korn Ferry Tour, previously known as the Tour.

We’re grateful that Russell took a break in his busy schedule to catch up with us and talk about why a Tyent Water Ionizer is a big part of his life…and his dog’s!


Golf and Alkaline Water


The Life of a Pro-Golfer

For anyone who doesn’t play golf, and might assume that it requires little more than unusual talent augmented with practice, it’s enlightening listening to Russell talk about his game, and life as a professional golfer.

“It helps me recover if I work out hard…It’s nice to know everybody’s drinking the best water they can. The benefits are huge.”                                             

                                                                        Russell Surber

Being a pro-sportsman means constant travel. This takes its own toll on top of regular training, coupled with the need to be in top physical form: golf uses virtually every muscle group when played at this level.

Eat Well and Drink Tyent Alkaline Water

Russell is aware of the direct connection between eating a balanced, healthy diet in order to maintain fitness and wellbeing, and drinking water that helps to keep him energized, hydrated and hitting those holes in one!

To help meet his wellness goals, Russell drinks Tyent alkaline water. Installed in the family home in Orlando, Florida, is the Tyent UCE-11 water ionizer. Russell, his wife, son and even the family dog love freshly ionized alkaline water!


“I purchased my Tyent water ionizer about a year ago and absolutely love it. I feel less sore after hard workouts and have more energy to practice hard and work on my game. I would highly recommend a Tyent water ionizer to anybody looking to improve their health and overall wellness.”

                                                                         Russell Surber





‘Ace’ a Water Ionizer of Your Very Own!

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    1. Hi, Carlos. They sure can! Dogs experience a lot of the same benefits that humans do when they drink alkaline water. Alkaline water can boost your dog’s energy and quench its thirst, support its immune system, aid in its in digestion and gut health, and keep its coat smooth, soft, and shiny.

      If you’d like more information, you can call our water experts at 855-893-6887.

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