This Is EXACTLY What Happens to Your Body When You Fast

What happens to your body when you fast? Like, exactly? What’s going on that makes you feel the way you do, and what else is going on that you can’t feel?

We’re spilling the beans: this is EXACTLY what happens to your body when you fast! (Clue: it’s all pretty cool stuff)!


This Is EXACTLY What Happens to Your Body When You Fast


1. You Curb Your Calories

Okay, it’s an obvious one, but important. When you fast, you take in fewer (far fewer, usually) calories. During intermittent fasting, resist the temptation to overindulge during your eating window. Likewise, don’t eat too little. The perfect balance is an easy concept: eat regular amounts of food, at regular times.

2. Make Your Metabolism Work Harder!

It’s fascinating finding out exactly what happens to your body when you fast, and metabolism is the one thing that everyone wants to talk about!

Briefly, metabolism is the chemical process that converts food and drink into energy. Fasting is a brilliantly effective way to speed up your metabolism, and therefore accelerate how quickly you burn calories.

3. Burn Fat, Feel Fab

When you fast, one of the most important things that happen to your body is that you burn fat! Why? When you fast, your insulin levels are lower due to a break in the usual supply of fuel, or glucose. As a result, instead of glucose being extracted from what you eat and drink, the excess glucose stored in your fat cells is utilized for energy.

4. Give Your Digestive System a Breather

Honestly, it needs it. Out of the many things that happen to your body when you fast, your digestive system getting a break is really important. Even if you eat a mostly plant-based, low-junk, high-wholefood diet, your digestive system is still working constantly to process it. Giving your digestive system a break is really beneficial.

5. Cellular Waste Removal!

There’s so much to learn about exactly what happens to your body when you fast! This process is lesser known, but super-interesting! The true term for cell waste removal is ‘autophagy.’ In short, during a fasting period, the cells in your body trigger autophagy, purging the cells of waste proteins.


Successful Fasting Starts Here

Discovering exactly what happens to your body when you fast is empowering. If you’re planning to fast, then don’t miss this list of common mistakes that people make when starting out with intermittent fasting!


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