DON’T Do This on Intermittent Fasting!

Intermittent fasting is the weight-loss solution that WORKS, but only if you avoid these common pitfalls!


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1. Don’t Go Hungry

Not eating enough is a common mistake when intermittent fasting. If you eat too little during your ‘window’ then you risk slowing down your metabolism and losing muscle mass. Remember: intermittent fasting switches the focus to WHEN you eat, rather than centering success around how much you eat.


2. Don’t Eat Late at Night

Eating too late in the evening can mess with your natural circadian rhythm. This matters because your sleep/wake cycle has a direct effect on vital health markers. Eating less in the evening, and preferably during the earlier part of the evening, can have a positive effect on blood pressure and cardiovascular health.


3. Don’t Drink Calorific Beverages During Your Fasting Hours

Unsweetened herbal tea is fine, but if you drink tea and coffee with milk, cream, sugar or syrup, then you’ll compromise your efforts to lose weight. The best thing to drink during a fast is water. Tyent alkaline water contains bioavailable minerals and powerful antioxidants to help support your intermittent fasting. Also, the molecular hydrogen in Tyent Water naturally boosts your energy – perfect for sailing through mid-afternoon without the kind of energy slump that has you reaching for the cookie jar!


4. Don’t Forget to Drink Water!

In fact, drinking alkaline water during your intermittent fasting period could be your best friend. Staying hydrated is vital. Aside from that, your body will be – hopefully – breaking down waste and toxins to expel from your body. Drinking plenty of water will help your body flush out toxins and cleanse itself from the inside.

The other fantastic thing about ionized alkaline water? Its purity means that there’s absolutely nothing to tax your body and no extra energy is needed to tackle the contaminants found in tap water, for example.


5. Don’t Do Too Much

While fasting, don’t also undertake a strenuous new workout routine or sign up for a weekend half-marathon. As much as you want to see results, pushing your body too hard in all directions will more likely hamper your chances of success.


6. Don’t Break Your Fast Like This!

Okay, so that’s shrimp salad with mayo, followed by baked clams, then the Fettuccine Carbonara and focaccia on the side? And for dessert? Hey, why not try that with triple chocolate ice cream?

If you break your intermittent fast like this, then sure, you’ll feel bloated, but that will be the least of it. Your blood sugar will soar, which means headaches. Eating too much immediately following a fast will also cause insulin levels to spike, making you feel jittery and even nauseous. In short, break your fast mindfully. Enjoy your food but take it slowly at first.



Definitely Do This on Intermittent Fasting!

There are so many ways that a Tyent Water Ionizer can help you manage a healthy weight and win at intermittent fasting. Call our team to find out more!



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