5 Hot and Trendy Cleanses That Use Alkaline Water!

Celebrities are known to use them to slim down for film roles and photo shoots.  And brides-to-be are known to use them to tone up for their wedding day. But anyone can benefit from a detoxifying diet!

Look like a movie star, cleanse yourself with alkaline water.
Look like a movie star, cleanse yourself with alkaline water.

According to naturopathic doctor Linda Paige,

“Anybody can benefit from a cleansing. The body is coming out of what might be called hibernation. It’s a way you can jump-start your body for a more active life, a healthier life.”

The premise of all detox diets is to cleanse the body of the toxins that build up over time. These toxins include pesticides on the plants we eat, chemicals in the meats we ingest, and pollution in the air we breathe. Here are 5 Hot and Trendy Cleanses That Use Alkaline Water! sure to clean out and jumpstart your body:

  1. Alkaline Water

Speaking to WebMD, Dr. Paige explains a basic component of all cleanses. She “advocates ‘cleansing boosters,’ including herbal laxatives, colonics, probiotics, and antioxidants.”

Alkaline water contains a high amount of antioxidants which makes alkaline water an excellent detoxifying drink. An advantage to an alkaline water cleanse, compared to the other cleanses, is that it is simple and effective over the long term. Alkaline water can be added to your daily routine for an extra boost of antioxidants that will cleanse the body without drastically affecting your daily routine.

  1. Juicing

assorted fresh juices from fruits and vegetables

Another delicious cleanse that has become extremely popular in recent times is juicing. The idea behind juicing is to extract all the vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables into a concentrated juice that you can drink.

Juicing works by delivering more nutrients per unit of weight than just eating the fruits and vegetables would deliver. Consider adding alkaline water to your juice for an even more effective cleanse!

  1. Green Smoothies

Similar in style to the juicing craze, the Green Smoothie Diet takes advantage of the amazing, healthy, micronutrients in green foods. Popular green foods like spinach, kale, green apples, and broccoli contain massive quantities of Vitamins A, D, K and C and make a delicious juice cocktail.

Check out this green smoothie recipe from BexLife (previously published on this blog):

  • 2 cups of green fruit
  • 2 cups of green leafy vegetables
  • ½ cup Tyent alkaline water
  • Dash of salt
  1. Raw Foods Diet

Composition with variety of organic food

When we cook food, the chemistry of the food changes and this can be good for taste but bad for health. In some cases, as is the case with many vegetables, cooking can lead to a decrease in the nutritional value of the food. The Raw Foods diet is predicated on this fact and advises people to eat only raw foods to get the most fiber and antioxidants to cleanse the body.

Bonus Tip: Cooking with alkaline water can help to preserve color, taste and nutritional value of food!

  1. “The Master Cleanse”

This is one of the most controversial and famous cleanses out there. Celebrities like Beyonce and Ashton Kutcher have claimed to use it with great results, but the process can be rigorous.

The Master Cleanse is 10 days of drinking only a concoction of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and alkaline water. This cleanse is not for the faint of heart and should only be used after consulting with a healthcare professional.

Learn more about the alkaline water cleanse in the Tyent Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide! And if you’ve tried one of these cleanses, we’d love to hear your story below.

5 Hot and Trendy Cleanses That Use Alkaline Water!
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