5 Frightening Facts About Tap & Bottled Water That Make You Want to Hug a Water Ionizer!

Think you don’t scare easily?  Fearless about drinking water out of plastic bottles or the tap?  Well, prepare to be afraid… we have some shockingly true stories about tap and bottled water that are the stuff of nightmares!

bottled water
The facts about tap and bottled water are THIS scary – but NOT water ionizers!

Frightening Fact #1: The Terrifying Truth About Tap Water

Who needs “made-up” spooky stories when you can open a newspaper or switch on the TV to hear about the cities, towns, and schools that have some seriously scary stuff lurking in the water?

Frightening Fact #2: The Petrifying Plastic Horror

It wasn’t until EU countries tried to get rid of plastic that they realized that plastic was everywhere…and that there was no way of destroying it.

Plastic floated on the water…refused to stay buried…and eventually, disposable plastics became a terrifying specter that led to…

Frightening Fact #3: …The Planet That Was Poisoned!

We’re shrink-wrapping the planet in plastic.

We’re filling the oceans with this poisonous plastic.

We’re piling plastic into landfills.

We’re using plastic at a rate that far exceeds our ability to recycle it.

This plastic problem has GOT to STOP…and we all have a part to play to help save the environment.

Frightening Fact #4: Bloodcurdling BPA

BPA is safe, says the FDA.  Safe-ish.

Maybe some BPA is okay.

BPA is linked to low-birth weight and some types of cancer – but we’re pretty sure that our bodies can cope with a bit of BPA.

Frightening Fact #5: The Spine-Chilling Cost of Bottled Water

The cost of bottled water is scarily high, outstripping tap water by a nerve-jangling 2000%! 

Gulp. Literally.

water ionizer
Stop throwing money down the drain and get a water ionizer already! Photo: ccPixs.com

Want to Hug a Water Ionizer Yet?

It’s okay. You can come out from behind that couch now.

We have a solution to this spooky dilemma of bottled and tap water…and it comes in the form of a Tyent Water Ionizer.

Buying a Tyent water ionizer machine means that at a push of a button – you get unlimited access to clean, delicious, mineral-rich alkaline water that’s jam-packed with energy-boosting molecular hydrogen and antioxidants. And none of the scary stuff!

Hydrogen water contains so many benefits that can reach you directly due to the small size of the hydrogen molecules in the water.

You’ll also be able to protect your family with our 4-stage water ionizer filter that can remove 99.9% of Chromium-6 and 90-95% of Fluoride while keeping essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and zinc in your water.

This FREE money-saving water ionizer guide can give you and your family peace of mind and save you time when shopping around for one of these wonderful machines.

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