Six Spooky Reasons Tyent Water Ionizers Are The Best

Wwooohhh……if you tend to get spooked out easily, you might need to look away right now! But if you enjoy spooky things, read on to discover why Tyent Water Ionizers are the best in the world and the chillingly good choice of so many terrifyingly talented people…

water ionizers
Hmm…you go inside first while we hear why Tyent water ionizers are the best…

1) Petrifyingly Popular People Who Love Tyent Water Ionizers

Some of your favorite stars on the field, track, stage, and screen are big fans of Tyent Water Ionizers and LOVE talking about how drinking Tyent Water is a big part of their healthy lifestyle:

“My energy levels are higher, and my recovery is quicker than ever…thanks to Tyent Water” — Ryan Buchter, pitcher for the Oakland Athletics

2) Fearsomely Awesome Filters

We know that many people turn to Tyent Water Ionizers because of all the horrifying stories in the press about the state of municipal water in so many of our towns and cities across America.

We commit ourselves every day to ensuring that our filters are such a big deal and recognized as the best in the world through ongoing research and development.

There is some scary stuff in the water that comes out of millions of taps across the USA – and our 4-stage Chromium-6 Filter is capable of removing 99.9% of Chromium-6, 99% of lead and up to 99% of mercury, beryllium, uranium, and fluoride! (if a two-bank filter is fitted)

You may fear what you don’t know – but you can remove that fear by knowing that your drinking water is safe and clean to consume after being run through a Tyent water ionizer filter.

3) Terribly Good Trial Periods

Although you may notice an immediate difference when you start to drink Tyent Water from your own water ionizer, we like to know that all our customers feel completely confident that they’ve made the right decision to buy one of our machines.

That’s why we give an incredible, unmatched 75 day trial period on all our water ionizers.

Talk about being consumer-friendly!

4) Horrifyingly Hydrating

Hydrogen-rich alkaline water from a Tyent water ionizer machine hydrates you faster and more efficiently than regular water – which is why Tyent Water is the choice of so many sports professionals and fitness experts who love the extra energy our water gives them!

Our water ionizers are famous for making antioxidant-rich hydrogen water that is chock full of molecular hydrogen that can penetrate the cells in your body directly.

You’ll be “horrifyingly hydrated” in a flash!

5) Terrifyingly Tempting Deals

Our supernatural special deals are not to be missed!

Like our water ionizers – our offers are the best on the market and designed to keep our customers happy!

water ionizer
Our water ionizer deals will have you screaming with delight!

6) Frighteningly Good Financing

We all need to balance the family budget, which is why we offer attractive and wallet-friendly financing terms on all of our water ionizers.

How does $0 down and monthly payments as low as $99/month sound to you?

Frighteningly good for the healthiest water on the planet!

A Haunting We Will Go…with Alkaline Water Benefits!

Do you love immersing yourself into the Halloween spirit? What are your plans for the spookiest night of the year?

Whether you’re out at a party trying to win “Best Halloween Costume,” trick-or-treating for old times’ sake, or giving out candy from the comfort of your home…

Tyent USA wishes you a happy and hydrated Halloween!

alkaline water
PRO TIP: Drink a tall glass of Tyent alkaline water before your night of Halloween fun ahead!
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