Drowning in Plastic – The Ocean Story

The Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean is almost 7 miles deep.  Its perpetually black depths are commonly referred to as the most remote place on the entire planet.  Extraordinary creatures survive in the dark with water pressure of eight tons per square inch.  But something else has been discovered in this inaccessible ocean trench.  Astonishing levels of man-made pollution, along with plastic bags and soda cans.  

There’s nowhere left on earth that’s safe from pollution.
Plastics on the Menu

We’re steadily choking our planet with plastic, according to recent research.  Up to 13 million tons of plastic finds it way into our oceans every single year, where it can then be ingested by wildlife.  Of course, lovers of seafood then run the risk of increasing their own plastic fiber load.  If you enjoy shrimp, mussels or other seafood on a regular basis, then you might also be consuming up 11,000 plastic fragments every year.  

Not exactly the side dish you had in mind?

Crisis Point

Hugo Tagholm, of the marine conservation group Surfers Against Sewage, believes that a crisis point has been reached.  

“Plastic production is set to double in the next 20 years and quadruple by 2050 so the time to act is now.”

 ~ Hugo Tagholm, Surfers Against Sewage

Plastic is Not Fantastic

Plastic water bottles are a colossal contributor to the problem and recycling just isn’t keeping up with the demands of a throwaway society.

Coca-Cola, as one of the industry giants, produces an astonishing 100 billion disposable bottles each year.  That’s over 200,000 every minute.  It’s an incredible statistic.  A lowly 6.6 percent of recycled materials are used in the manufacture of new bottles.   

“Whilst the production of throwaway plastics has grown dramatically over the last 20 years, the systems to contain, control, reuse and recycle them just haven’t kept pace.”

~ Hugo Tagholm

It’s a catastrophe for the planet and it’s hard to see how we can reverse things.  How can we become part of the solution and stop being part of this vast problem?  

Be Part of the Solution With a Water Ionizer

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  1. I stopped buying plastic water and juice bottles a few months ago and will never return to that lifestyle again.

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