How to Install a Tyent Water Ionizer: MMP 7070

If you already own a Tyent water ionizer, you know how easy it is to get alkaline water straight from your tap. But if you’re still thinking about whether or not you’d like to get one in your home, you may be wondering how easy it is to install a water ionizer.

Tyent MMP 7070


Here, you can see a quick-and-visual round up of how to install a Tyent water ionizer. In this video, we reference the Tyent MMP 7070, but these instructions also work for a Tyent MMP 7070 Turbo or Tyent MMP 9090 Turbo Extreme.

Within 15-25 minutes, exchange your potentially harmful tap water for alkaline water that’s sure to hydrate you better and add beneficial minerals to your diet. Learn more about the benefits of alkaline water and check out the Tyent MMP 7070 for a full water ionizer education.

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