How Dehydration Makes You Lethargic

Tired of feeling meh? Wondering where your get-up-and-go got up and went to? The answer might be as simple as not drinking enough water.

Dehydration can make you feel bone tired. But why? How does dehydration translate to feeling lethargic?


How Dehydration makes you lethargic


What is Lethargy & Why Is It Different from Feeling Tired?

First, what is meant by ‘lethargic’? It’s not feeling tired after a bout of exercise, or behind the curve because you didn’t get enough sleep last night. Lethargy is different from ‘just’ experiencing sleepiness or drowsiness. Lethargy is a state of feeling depleted and exhausted. It can mean an absence of energy over a period of time.

If you can relate to a spell of weariness, decreasing motivation and/or an inertness that affects you both physically and mentally, then it’s possible that you have a degree of lethargy. While you should always speak with your doctor about any concerns you have, one factor that is frequently overlooked when it comes to fixing feelings of lethargy is hydration.


How Water Helps Your Body Stay Healthy

The water you drink regulates countless essential biological processes. When your body is dehydrated, your blood volume can decrease, which in turn leads to a drop in blood pressure. If your organs aren’t getting an adequate flow of blood, then you will notice a dip in your energy reserves.

That reduction in blood volume means that there’s a diminished supply circulating and reaching your vital organs, including your heart, brain and muscles. Water also helps to transport minerals and micronutrients around your body. If you don’t drink enough water, every single process in your body will eventually become affected.

The result? A feeling of deep sluggishness and limbs that don’t have enough energy to do the stuff that you want. Lethargy, in other words. Dehydration has also been shown to make people feel depressed and more likely to experience low mood. If you already have symptoms of anxiety, then dehydration may exacerbate them.


How to Stop Feeling Lethargic – For Good

The good news? The fix is both quick and easy. Drinking enough water each day is all you need to do to eliminate dehydration-linked lethargy.

The problem that many people cite when it comes to drinking enough water is that their tap water doesn’t taste good, or that they’re worried about contamination. Bottled water is expensive and has been shown to contain exponential numbers of micro and nano plastics, so that’s another reason to avoid it.

The answer is to install a water ionizer in your home, for a constant supply of clean, safe water that tastes delicious. Tyent alkaline water from a water ionizer contains naturally occurring molecular hydrogen for extra energy, and powerful antioxidants and minerals to support your healthy body, mind and mood.


Let’s Talk Water Ionizers!

Installing a water ionizer at home is easy and affordable for most budgets. Once you start drinking Tyent Alkaline Water, you’ll notice the difference almost straight away! Call our friendly team for more information!



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