Water Ionizer Health: 5 Ways to Support a Healthy Mind and Body

Thanks to laser-focused campaigning and an increasing number of celebrities and public figures coming forward to talk openly about their own experiences, we’re all discussing mental health more than ever before.

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Mental health issues affect millions of people every year

Despite the conversations around mental well-being being brought further into the light, a recent comprehensive report into the current situation across America makes for bleak reading.

While all mental health concerns you may have should be referred to your doctor…there are five easy and practical steps we can all take to support good mental and emotional well-being!

Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy

1) Engage in Regular Exercise

Science endorses the hypothesis that exercise is good for mental wellness in at least two key ways:

  • Exercising triggers positive chemical changes in the brain.
  • Engaging in regular physical exercise helps us to feel good about ourselves and promotes better self-esteem.

But what if you feel tired at the very thought of exercising regularly?

We have a solution for that!

Drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water from a water ionizer will give you an abundance of extra energy to give you a motivational head start!

2) Learn Something New

Research tells us that learning is good for our sense of well-being.

Whether you’re teaching yourself to cook your favorite dish, nurturing plants, or fixing a broken bicycle…we tend to feel better when we’re busy expanding our horizons.

The process of developing new skills helps us to grow and enjoy a sense of achievement!

3) Make Connections

The interactions we have with people every day are important.

You could be:

  • Having a heart-to-heart chat with a good pal.
  • Engaging in a friendly exchange with the guy or girl who serves you coffee.
  • Making time to talk to your co-workers and asking them what they did over the weekend.

No matter what the interaction is…connecting with people, at a level that’s comfortable for you, is GREAT for our sense of belonging!

4) Live in the Moment

The power of NOW! (i.e. mindfulness)

It can take a little practice, but getting to a point of being aware of:

  • The present moment
  • Your immediate surroundings
  • Your place in the world around you

Can promote a sense of positivity and calm you never knew you could experience before!

5) Nurture Your Body

Some foods (sugar and caffeine) can contribute to feeling low.

Sugar and caffeine are both notorious for delivering a fleeting “high” followed by a jittery crash.

Keep your blood sugar – and mood – stabilized by eating slow-release energy foods such as:

  • Whole grain bread and cereals
  • Oats
  • Nuts and seeds

It’s vital that you stay hydrated too…because bouts of not drinking enough water can lead to:

  • Confusion
  • An inability to concentrate
  • Low mood

After all, the brain is composed of 73% water – so it makes perfect sense that your brain needs plenty of water to function properly.

And what makes it easy to drink plenty of water? A water ionizer!

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water ionizer

Water Ionizers: A Natural Way to Better Brain Health!

A Tyent water ionizer gives you delicious, clean, hydrogen-rich alkaline water at the push of a button!

It’s pretty easy to stay hydrated when hydrogen water makes you feel THIS good!

We can all make the right lifestyle choices to help support a healthy mind and body. Why not call us now at to find out how an award-winning Tyent water ionizer machine can help you feel at your best every day?

water ionizer

Have you implemented any well-being lifestyle choices that actually stuck around for the better? We would love to hear all about your success stories…so please comment below!

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    1. Hi, Derrick. We’re glad to know that our article helped you! Good luck, and we wish you the best with your health.

    1. Hi, Stephen. Thanks for your reminder! Be sure to drink a glass or two of water every time you give yourself a break (best if it’s Tyent’s highly refreshing hydrogen-rich alkaline water).

  1. Mindfulness is vital when it comes to mental health. It reminds us to be present and to accept what happens and to be grounded… You touch upon that in this article, so thanks.

  2. These are fundamental tips to remember whenever we’re very busy with our lives and lose sight of what really matters. Our health matters.

    1. Hi, Micah. Thanks for the beautiful comment. As they say, health is wealth!

      Having a Tyent water ionizer at home helps your body stay healthy. Our alkaline water is filled with essential minerals and antioxidants like molecular hydrogen, one of the smallest and most powerful antioxidants on the planet. There are over 1,000 studies on the benefits of molecular hydrogen, which is able to cross your blood/brain barrier to deliver hydration deep within your cells. Drinking Tyent water will boost your hydration and energy levels, protect your body from free radicals (and thus slow down aging), and cleanse your system.

      If you’d like to know more about our awesome water ionizers, please give our water experts a call today at 855-893-6887.

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