Nailed It! Tyent Water Ionizers Can Give You Strong, Healthy Nails!

Healthy nails are strong and pinkish in color due to the tiny blood vessels that feed each nailbed. The nail plate (the part of the nail that we can see) is made of keratin, the same protein that your hair is made from.

water ionizers
Tyent Water Ionizers Can Give You Strong, Healthy Nails!

Your fingernails can be an indicator of overall health, with one aspect being hydration. A quick examination of your fingernails can reveal whether you need to drink more water!

Are Your Nails Dehydrated?

Ever worry that your fingernails are becoming brittle?

Take a look – are they showing any symptoms of dehydration?

  • Looking slightly yellowy
  • Dull, brittle looking nail surface
  • Displaying vertical ridges

Another way of checking to see if your nails are hydrated is to see how quickly the nail regains its pink color after being pressed, known as The Capillary Refill Check.

Similar to The Pinch Test, the Capillary Refill Check is a super-fast way of checking whether you’re hydrated. This nail test is also easy and painless to carry out!

  • Remove any nail polish
  • Apply light pressure to the nail bed until it turns white
  • Remove the pressure
  • See the nail bed return to a healthy pink color (the ‘blanch time’)
  • If the blanching time is longer than 2 seconds, then you may be dehydrated

Ensuring that you have enough vitamin B and zinc in your diet supports strong nail growth. Drinking plenty of mineral-rich alkaline water is also a fantastic way to boost nail health and overall hydration!

Water Ionizers at Home

Installing a Tyent water ionizer machine at home is an awesome way of making sure that the water you and your family drink is clean and delicious, with the added value of natural antioxidants and molecular hydrogen.

Here are some other benefits of alkaline water that contains molecular hydrogen:

  • Improves overall gum health
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Helps fight aging by promoting clear, healthy skin
  • Boosts your mood and reduces your stress levels
  • Helps maintain better bone health

When the water you drink tastes good – it’s easy to drink enough of it AND to get the kids drinking water too!

So…why don’t you give your family the gift of alkaline hydrogen water from one of our award-winning water ionizers?

Our flexible financing options will ensure that you stay on track with the family budget – so apply today and start drinking the healthiest water on the planet!

alkaline water
Water ionizers can provide amazing alkaline water benefits to the entire family!

Test Yourself! What Are Your Nails Trying to Tell You?

Are your nails nicely in the pink?

Try the Pinch Test or the Capillary Refill Check and let us know by calling our water ionizer experts at !

water ionizers
Improve your nail health by drinking alkaline water from Tyent water ionizers
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