Let’s Talk Poop!

Any number of jokes aside, we really should talk poop! Why? Because just like nails, hair and skin, your poop can be a great way to flag up certain health issues and can be used as an indicator of hydration and your wider health. 


Lets talk poop


Check Out Your Poop! 

When you use the bathroom, resist the urge to flush and go. Take a quick look at your poop (it’s okay, it’s just undigested food, bacteria, skin cells and water after all) and use our handy chart to get an idea of what’s happening inside your body and get the heads up on any poop problems! 

In other words, is your poop trying to tell you something?  

  1. Narrow, Smooth Sausage?  

Good news: your hydration levels are good, and your nutrition is probably more or less on point. 

  1. Log-shape or Thick Sausage, with Visible Surface Cracks?

Positive news again – hydration and good nutrition result in poop like this, so keep up the fantastic work! 

  1. Small Pellets

Separate pellets can mean dehydration. Pour yourself a few extra glasses of Tyent Alkaline Water each day and see the difference that being hydrated can make.  

  1. Solid, Lumpy Sausage Stools

This kind of poop can sometimes accompany constipation and can be an indicator of a mineral deficit – often magnesium. Dehydration is also a factor with this type of stool, so enjoy a few more glasses of Tyent water to help your poop get back on track. 

  1. Watery Poop

Food poisoning, diarrhea, or an allergic response or intolerance can result in unformed, loose stools. A lack of dietary fiber and dehydration can also be main factors. Make a real effort to eat more whole, fresh foods – a range of vegetables, pulses, and fiber-rich foods such as persimmons, raspberries and oatmeal. Drink more water as well – hydration is vital for healthy poop. 

  1. Soft, Small Pieces

The occasional soft poop isn’t a reason to be concerned, but if you’re experiencing soft, small stools for several days, then try eating more fiber-rich foods, including the suggestions mentioned above, along with wholefood cereals.  

  1. ‘Ragged’ Soft Stools

Ragged, shapeless and soft poop might indicate gastrointestinal inflammation or diarrhea. Both conditions can be helped by supporting your gut health and eating right. To settle your symptoms, try fermented foods or fermented dairy products. Up your vegetable intake and season foods with fennel and turmeric to support your gut.  

Another key thing here to increase your water intake: ionized hydrogen water is a fabulous, delicious way to take care of your vital gut microbiota.   


This is a broad guide to different types of poop and should not be used as a diagnosis tool. As with any medical or health matters, always speak with your doctor or healthcare provider about any symptoms or concerns you have.  


Drink Tyent Alkaline Water for Good Poop Health! 

Hydration and poop health are intrinsically linked. Drinking ionized alkaline Tyent water is a delicious way to get the hydration you need.  

We have the perfect water ionizer for every lifestyle and most budgets. Want to learn more? Call our friendly team and let’s talk water ionizers!  


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