Premium Ionized Water is Rich in Molecular Hydrogen

The incredible benefits of molecular hydrogen dissolved in water is one of the most exciting scientific discoveries of recent years. There are well over 1000 peer-reviewed clinical studies on the benefits and possibilities of molecular hydrogen in a medical setting. 

With Tyent premium ionized water, you can discover the power of molecular hydrogen for yourself! 


Premium Ionized Water is Rich in Molecular Hydrogen


Premium Ionized Water at Home 

All over the world, doctors and medical experts are finding new ways to apply the benefits of molecular hydrogen to treat and relieve symptoms and change health outcomes for the better.  

Now you can harness some of the power of molecular hydrogen for yourself, at the push of a button, with a Tyent Water Ionizer.  

Tyent is at the forefront of the water ionizer industry because we build in quality and excellence at every stage. The result of our attention to detail is premium ionized water that tastes delicious and is rich with therapeutic levels of molecular hydrogen. 


What’s In a Glass of Premium Ionized Water? 

What does this mean for our customers? Every glass of Tyent Alkaline Water is: 

  • Cleaned by our world-class filters to remove over 200 contaminants 
  • Infused with thousands of bubbles of dissolved molecular hydrogen 
  • Rich with powerful antioxidants 
  • Replete with natural, bioavailable minerals 
  • Possibly the most delicious water you’ve ever tasted  


An Energy Boost in Every Glass 

The molecular hydrogen in Tyent Premium Ionized Water is associated with a long list of health benefits. One of the results that people report experiencing almost immediately is an increase in their energy levels. The reason for this is linked to the structure of the hydrogen molecule itself. Because it’s so tiny, hydrogen molecules can cross the blood/brain barrier and enter the mitochondria of every cell in your body.  

From deep within each cell, molecular hydrogen creates a burst of energy, giving you a sense of renewed vigor and vitality.  


Not All Ionized Water is Premium Quality! 

The ionization process sounds deceptively straightforward: tap water enters the ionizer unit and is subjected to electrolysis, which splits the water into alkaline and acidic water streams, while infusing the water with dissolved hydrogen. 

However, don’t expect to reap the incredible health benefits of molecular hydrogen from just any water ionizer – and price isn’t always the best guide either! Some of the most expensive water ionizers on the market fail to deliver anything like the powerful performance of a Tyent machine, with much of the price tag amount being funneled off to support MLM selling schemes.  

A Tyent Water Ionizer cannot be beaten on performance, yet our price point is one of the most competitive on the market. 


Try Tyent Premium Ionized Water for Yourself – Risk-Free! 

Our water ionizer technology is unsurpassed. Once you’ve tasted our premium ionized water, you won’t want to go back.  

You can enjoy a Tyent Water Ionizer in your own home, risk-free with our unbeatable 75-day trial period. Call our customer care team today to find out more!  


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