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Feature Tyent ACE-11 Turbo Extreme Tyent UCE-11 Turbo Extreme Kangen SD-501 Enagic (Kangen) K8 Why is it important?
Electrolysis Plate Surface Area 385 inches 385 inches 245 inches 280 inches Having a large electrolysis plate surface area is VITAL for producing therapeutic levels of alkalinity and hydrogen during ionization. The more surface area, the better the results!
Flow Control Type Automatic Automatic Manual Manual Manual flow control means that you must adjust the water at the faucet every time you turn on the machine. A machine with electronic flow control is automatically calibrated and ready to use without any manual adjustments. Manual adjustments mean it is almost impossible to get consistent water with each use. Manual flow control is a NEXT GENERATION UPGRADE that offers huge benefits. All Tyent units have automatic flow control.
Number of Filters 2 2 1 1 Tyent USA's dual filtration system is second to none in the industry. Why settle for a single filter? Why not get top of the line dual filtration? The entire line of Tyent USA water ionizers offer superior dual filtration so you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are drinking clean alkaline ionized water.
Plate Type Solid/Mesh Hybrid Solid/Mesh Hybrid Solid Solid There is much controversy over the durability of mesh plates. It is uncontested that mesh plates provide superior ionization. However, what about the longevity and quality of mesh technology? Tyent USA offers the best of both worlds. Our solid/mesh hybrid plates offer the strength of solid plates with the supreme ionization technology of mesh plates. The best of both worlds is now a reality with Tyent USA. Don’t settle for a solid plate that doesn’t capitalize on the electrolysis process, like the plates used in the Enagic water ionizers. Instead, get the most out of your ionizer with Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates…a Tyent exclusive!
Adjustable for hard water? Yes, it’s fully adjustable with 99 presets Yes, it’s fully adjustable with 99 presets No No This feature is extremely important. If you try to use a machine that is not adjustable and customizable for your type of water, then you may find yourself with hard water issues, and even if you don’t have hard water, it is a known fact that water ionizers will react differently based on your water type. Enagic (Kangen) does not have the ability to adjust for your water type. Tyent USA water ionizers Include 99 adjustable power setting so you will get the right levels every time.
Power Type SMPS Plus® SMPS Plus® Transformer Transformer Until now two types of power supplies have been used inside every water ionizer brand on the market. The first type of power supply is called a "transformer". Transformers are tried and true, and they are praised for being cost effective and consistent. However, water ionizers do not like heat, and since transformers inherently run hot, using a water ionizer like Enagic with a transformer is not a smart choice. In addition to running hot, transformers also lack adjustability, which leaves much to be desired. The next generation after the transformer is called an SMPS power supply. The SMPS will not overheat, and it provides the ability to adjust for various types of source water. Tyent USA has taken the consistency of the transformer and the cool-running, adjustability of the SMPS and combined them to make the SMPS Plus®. With Tyent's SMPS Plus® you are left with a highly efficient, extremely adjustable smart technology that supports hundreds of settings and next generation features. Despite all of these fantastic features, the SMPS Plus® will never overheat.
Self Cleaning? Yes Yes Yes Yes Self cleaning is a must, and with both units, cleaning cartridges are available for advanced cleaning if needed.
Warranty Lifetime warranty on parts and labor with no fine print and zero stipulations Lifetime warranty on parts and labor with no fine print and zero stipulations 5 Years 5 Years Warranties are important with any products and a company’s warranty represents a company’s policy, which is a good indication of quality. At Tyent USA, we offer a lifetime warranty with no fine print. The Tyent USA warranty is unprecedented in the industry and we are proud of our quality.
Certified as a medical device? Yes Yes Yes Yes Both machines are certified medical devices in Korea and Japan.
Return Policy and Trial Period 75 Days 75 Days 3 Days 3 Days Let’s face it, is 3 days really long enough to see a difference? It can take 3 days before you even install your unit. Tyent USA keeps it real by offering a realistic 75 day trial. At Tyent, we give you a full 75 days to find out what Tyent Water can do for you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so go ahead and drink up the goodness for a full 75 days! During that time you learn first hand what all the excitement is about.
Chemicals needed to create certain water? No, all Tyent water ionizers are chemical free No, all Tyent water ionizers are chemical free Yes Yes It is inherently vital that a water ionizer, which is used to make healthy DRINKING WATER, absolutely does NOT have chemicals added. And, unlike the Kangen water ionizer, all Tyent alkaline water machines are chemical free. Insist on chemical free for you and your family. Purity is important at Tyent USA and the wellness of our customers is of the highest priority. With Tyent USA, you don't need to worry about chemicals. The water produced by Tyent Water Ionizers are at its purest form.
Retail List Price $3,495.00 $3,495.00 $3,980.00 $4,980.00 Save big with Tyent USA! We believe that everyone should have access to alkaline water. Our prices are designed to get a high quality water ionizer in your home without hurting your bank account. Plus, Tyent offers financing with 0% down. Now, it’s easier than ever to get a top of the line Tyent water ionizer in your home today.
Available Filter Report Yes Yes No No We have been asking Enagic reps for years to give us a report of what their filters remove. Don’t trust what you cannot see. Ask for a report! With Tyent, you can see Tyent’s water report right here.
Number of Contaminants Removed Over 200 Contaminants are removed Over 200 Contaminants are removed Unknown because no report is available Unknown because no report is available You can see how many contaminants our filters remove here. There is no similar report available from Enagic, and with today’s failing water infrastructure in the US, it is more important than ever before to know what your filters remove. Ask to see a report.

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