Superfoods: 6 Foods You Need to Start Eating Now

Thanks to the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals present in certain foods, adding them to your diet can actually function as a sort of medicine. With the many ailments present in the modern day—stemming from pollution, plastic products, poor food production, and more—we recommend adding these “superfoods” into your diet now for better health in the present and the future.

Maybe you already know you should be eating these foods, but you haven’t started yet—or maybe you didn’t know these foods were so healthy. Either way, start adding these superfoods to your daily menu, and reap the benefits.  (Thanks to WebMD for the resources!)

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Blueberries. Yielding antioxidants, vitamin C, and anti-inflammatory properties, start grabbing a handful of these wonder-berries daily.

Fatty fish. In this case, “fat” is a good thing! Fatty fish with omega-3s include salmon, herring, sardines, and mackerel.

Soy. While pouring on the sodium in the form of soy sauce is not recommend, clean and simple soy is recommended. Soy in this category includes tofu, soy milk, and edamame.

Fiber. The American diet is far too low in fiber. Try consuming more fiber in whatever way appeals to you—fiber bars, powder, whole-wheat products, fruit, and vegetables all work.

Tea. The antioxidant powers of tea are present in both black and green tea. Try these tips on switching from soda to water for the added effect of consuming more tea while you’re drinking less soda. Tea is an excellent alternative to plain water.

Calcium-rich foods. Many health-conscious men and women tend to stay away from dairy products for fear that they contain fat, but calcium is necessary for the body. If you’re scared of the cheese and milk, take a calcium supplement.

For a double-whammy, start pairing these superfoods with super water: ionized alkaline water from Tyent USA. Learn more about what makes alkaline water so special and how it can benefit your health.


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2 thoughts on “Superfoods: 6 Foods You Need to Start Eating Now

  1. I find it very disturbing that the American public are so ignorant when it comes to the benefits of a proper diet. I was one of them for 65 years. I suffered with gout for 12 yrs, my doctor put me on some prescription (man made) chemicals. The medical establishment in my opinion does more harm than good. All my doctor had to do was tell me to balance my ph levels. I’m now prescription free, of course that meant the pharmaceutical companies made no money. My body was so acidic deep into my tissues, that it took me 4 months just to reach neutral state of 7.0. I changed my whole approach to what I now consume in my diet. Mostly raw fruits and vegetables along with 16 8oz glasses of ionized alkaline water a day. I have been using my Tyent 9090t for 4 months now and the benefits are remarkable. The best purchase I made to help establish a healthy internal environment.

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