The Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company Does It Again! (Revised)

Yesterday you may recall that I said I would have exciting news for us today and I do. It has been announced that for the second straight year, Tyent’s ionized alkaline water purifiers have been chosen as the best in the industry by winning the coveted Ionizer of the Year Award for 2015! (Edit: Make that three years in a row after winning again in 2016!) 

Tyent water ionizers, three years and counting!
Tyent water ionizers, three years and counting!

We are pleasantly surprised and very proud of the fact that Tyent was chosen hands down, the best ionizer for the last three years but we aren’t shocked.  We work hard to ensure that our water ionizers and the other fine products we market are of superior quality and our that our business practices adhere to the highest standards.

This award is no fluke either.  Tyent makes a great product that delivers on its promise to provide you with the best water purifying system on the market today and we guarantee it. We offer a generous Lifetime Warranty with no fine print or nit-picking stipulations.

Only when you make the best product and believe in providing your customers with the best experience from beginning to end can you give a Lifetime Warranty.

I could go on about the criteria used to determine Tyent machines are the best but I will let you read how the deciding committee arrived at their conclusion. The following was taken directly from their site:’s 2016 Ionizer of the Year Award

The results are in!  Usually, it’s a close race to the top, but this year a new series produced test results that far exceeded the other water ionizers. We are pleased to announce the winner of’s 2015 Ionizer of the Year Award… the 11 Series from Tyent USA!


Just like in previous years, we tested the latest models from all the major brands and assessed them in several categories. Tyent’s 11 Series water ionizers came out on top in every category we tested and made our job easy this year.

The categories included the following:

  1. Plate Size, Design and Material:
    We tested, poked, prodded and took apart all the newest models of water ionizer machines. We were most impressed with the plates of the 11 Series machines.  They have the same titanium, platinum-coated, solid/mesh hybrid plates as their 9-plate predecessors; however, these machines have a total of 11 plates. What was most interesting to see when we took apart the machine was that Tyent also redesigned the electrolysis chamber.  This caused the flow rate to increase by about 40%. We also noticed a reduction in the amount of waste water.
  2. Filtration:
    Tyent USA continues to impress us with the outstanding dual filtration system in its machines. Each machine has two of the biggest filters compared to all the other machines we tested. We also found these filters to have a small micron level, which is best for filtering out an impressive amount of contaminants. You can find out exactly what contaminants Tyent’s filters remove here: Tyent Filtration Report
  3. Price:
    The 11 Series water ionizer machines use platinum plates, and with the amount of platinum included, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the units are priced competitively with products from other top ionizer companies.  Purchasing a water ionizer machine with high-quality materials is extremely important, and it’s crucial to watch out for cheaply made machines that are of poor quality.  You should be aware that this purchase is also an investment in your health. Tyent has some excellent sales and promotions, so try to get lucky and get in on the savings.   You should always be on the lookout for those special offers.
  4. Warranty:
    Tyent USA offers a lifetime parts and labor warranty with no stipulations. We read through all the fine print of warranties from other water ionizer companies, and none compared. This is the best warranty that we’ve seen available in the water ionizer industry
  5.  Aesthetics:
    Kudos to Tyent for keeping a design that works. The MMP 11 and the UCE 11 look exactly like the 9-plate versions of these machines, which we love. The designs of these two machines were voted the most aesthetically pleasing by customers, so why change a good thing? While doing our Ionizer of the Year research, we actually found a television clip of the UCE machine featured in a million-dollar “green” home of the future. This is the first time we have ever seen any ionizer featured on television!

The 11 Series machines offer stellar pH and -ORP levels due to their extra plates and power. And Tyent still offers the longest trial period in the industry—75 days—giving you sufficient time to try the machine out for yourself. We encourage you to take advantage of this trial period.  You’re sure to be impressed just like we are.  

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I told you it would be exciting news!  This most recent award merely confirms what we’ve known all along, we make the best water ionizer in the industry and you can buy with confidence from Tyent USA. Call us at  to discuss which of our multi-award winning machines is right for you.

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