Aspartame Side Effects

Posted by: Rhona Reid On March 20, 2024 3:18 pm

Aspartame is the sweetener found in many of the brands of soda, gum and foods frequently labeled ‘sugar-free’ or ‘reduced sugar,’ including big names such as Diet Coke.  


Aspartame side effects


Why Aspartame Has Scientists Worried 

Discovered accidentally in 1965 by a chemist licking a finger during his research, aspartame hasn’t yet been banned, but plenty of scientists and doctors have expressed grave concerns about the super-sweet additive. 

In June 2023, observational studies on human subjects recorded results showing an association between aspartame and several types of cancer. However, aspartame avoided being labeled at that time as a known carcinogen but was classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a Group 2B substance: “possibly carcinogenic

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Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water versus Poison Water

Posted by: Rhona Reid On June 25, 2014 5:52 pm

                                          One drink you really should avoid Diet-soda     We eat and drink many things that are bad for us health wise.  In some ways, it is understandable.  I would think that most people, if given the option, would probably choose a snack cake over a bowl of kale.  Yet the snack cake is loaded with sugar, artificial flavors, and preservatives while in a Human Nutrition Research Center study, kale ranked highest in antioxidants of any food.   

So while we won’t stop consuming all the things that are bad for us or begin consuming all the things that are good for us, with a little common sense and will power, we can strike a balance. 

I wanted to write about foods and drinks

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