Exercise and Tyent Water, a Winning Combination


Improve the Quality of Your Life through Exercise


Weight LifterI didn’t make it to the gym again today…that’s five years in a row now.

If you are like me, you realize the importance of daily exercise.  And if you are a lot like me, you realize you don’t exercise enough.  However, I am taking steps and making strides, and if you’ve been thinking about exercising, I want to encourage you to begin.

At Tyent USA, we’re all about good health.  Endless studies have proven that exercising offers numerous health benefits and new studies have shown that not only the body benefits from exercise, but the mind and spirit as well.  Depression, that gloomy feeling and even a negative attitude, all can improve with some regular physical exertion.  Now that is news worthy.

The even better news is that you don’t have to be an exercise junky or a gym rat to improve your health because even when done in moderation, exercise can be a life changer.  Without even realizing it, you can get positive results through daily activities if you expend enough energy.  Wash your car, plant some flowers…take the dog for a walk (you’ll both benefit), clean the house, exert yourself.

Exercise can help to improve many conditions of the body, while even preventing some maladies and diseases from occurring.  The biggest obstacle for many people when it comes to exercise is often just getting started.  Some of us have a natural tendency toward resistance when it comes to working out regularly.  But that resistance will soon subside once you start.  The reason this will happen is that when you do begin to exercise, you are not going to have the same mentality or mindset that you do now.  Your brain will reset and look forward to some structured form of physical exertion as you and your body begin to feel better.
         top-fiveFive physical facts that may motivate you.


People who exercise even in moderation experience

 Faster weight loss

 Improved circulation

 Lowered blood pressure

 Less stress

 Reduced risk of stroke and heart disease



     Numbers     By the Numbers


Here are some numbers about our health.

Just since 1990, the number of people with Type 2 Diabetes has increased an incredulous 62%, affecting more than 17 million people in this country.*  Sugary foods and soft drinks along with a sedentary lifestyle are strong contributing factors to this frightening increase in diabetics.  When you engage in physical activity, you lose weight more rapidly.  When you lose weight, your body can become more sensitive to insulin, which in turn improves your blood sugar, helps control cholesterol levels, and reduces your blood pressure.  

That is a whole lot of body repair by working out for less time than you’d spend waiting in a doctor’s office to treat something you might have avoided with regular exercise.

Doctor Frank Hu, of the Harvard School of Public Health, found in his study that a brisk, hour-long walk could help decrease Type 2 Diabetes by a staggering 34%.

A study published in the journal Stroke, found that you could decrease your chance of having a life-threatening or possibly fatal stroke by 20% if you are even moderately active.  Being more active increases those numbers.

But Don’t Kill Yourself Trying to Live Longer

Fitness Montage  Life is too short to do all the things necessary to live longer.”


 That’s how I feel anyway.

Most of us can never do all those things that will make us healthier and perhaps even live longer.  There simply isn’t enough time.  But we can do some.  If you are able, take a brisk walk or work in the garden, do some warm-up exercises for 10 minutes a day, anything just to get the heart pumping good because any exercise is better than no exercise.  

If you can’t do all the things the experts recommend, do what you can and try to do more as it becomes easier for you.  It will improve your health.  No matter your age, physical activity is the key to keeping the body working.

If you plan to begin exercising, you’re going to sweat and you’re naturally going to drink more fluids.  Especially, in the hot summer months.  Forget continually buying expensive bottles of plastic water and consider investing in a Tyent ionized alkaline water purifier.  Tyent systems produce water that is rich in minerals with a healthy seven plus, pH factor.  

Additionally, Tyent Water is some of the purest and most healthy water you can drink.  And no water hydrates you faster.

Did you know you can also lose weight by drinking more water as that flushes the toxins and fat cells from the body?

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4 thoughts on “Exercise and Tyent Water, a Winning Combination

  1. Help. My joints hurt a lot and I feel dizzy after eating processed foods. Will Tyent water help?? Will exercise? I don’t know what to do

    1. Hi, Alfred. I’m sorry to hear about your condition. I would recommend contacting your general health practitioner for a full assessment of these symptoms. If they recommend alkaline or hydrogen water, please give one of our water ionizer experts a call at 855-893-6887, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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