Ionized Alkaline Water and pH Levels

            Ionized Alkaline Water…what does it all mean?


Q  There is much talk these days regarding ionized alkaline water and all its benefits.

We have heard that it balances your pH level, creates an alkaline environment in your system while also breaking down the water into micro-clusters and much more.  It sounds good…but what does all that actually mean?

I wanted to know the answer and also better understand some of those scientific terms so I did some research and this is what I learned.


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What is pH and what does it mean to balance it?

The term pH simply means potential of Hydrogen.  It measures the amount of hydrogen ion particles in any particular solution be it water, soda, food or whatever.  In order to function properly your body is constantly trying to maintain a balance.  From your blood pressure, to your oxygen levels, to the foods we take into our system, and a million more.   Correct balance is essential in ensuring all systems are in good working order.

Your pH level is one of the most important of all.  Our pH levels are readouts of the amount of alkaline or acid in our system.   If it contains more ions, your pH will be more acidic. Fewer ions will produce a more alkaline state.  We want alkaline.

Seven is the magic number

On the pH scale, a reading of zero represents the most acidic, while fourteen, the most alkaline.  Seven is neutral, being neither acidic nor alkaline as shown in the chart above. When your pH level drops below seven, oxygen levels in the blood drop and create an acidic state.  When the percentage of hydrogen ions rises above seven on the pH chart, an alkaline environment develops.

Optimally, you want your pH level within the safety seven-zone and not below.  Lowering oxygen levels opens the door to a host of disease and illnesses.  However, above seven and the body has a hard time producing diseases in that alkaline state.
13156934_s  Ionized alkaline water and micro clustering

A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Together, they form the molecule everyone knows as H2O.  What you may not realize is that water comes in clusters of molecules.  *The water that runs from your household tap is made-up of large clusters containing as many as thirteen molecules per cluster.  Water electronically ionized changes those large clusters of molecules into smaller or micro molecules, containing as few as five per cluster.  These smaller sized water droplets are able to hydrate you on a cellular level while creating an alkaline environment.


Tyent ionized alkaline water units produce the very best water available in the industry.  They create exactly the water your body needs to be performing at its best while keeping your pH level in that desirable seven-plus zone.

We all need water to survive, but why just drink water to survive when you can drink it and thrive!

For more on this, and to learn other facts about Tyent ionized alkaline water, please check out our link.



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