Prepare To Be Shocked: A Look at North American Tap Water


If we asked for your thoughts on heavy metals, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? 

Rock music? Or toxic elements like lead? 

The heavy metals we’re interested in are the ones found in your tap water—not just lead, but also arsenic, cadmium, and a ton of other nasty elements that can endanger your health.

“Many cities around the country rely on pre-World War I-era water delivery systems and treatment technology.”

Tap Water’s Dirty Secret 


Not your cup of tea? Sewage accounts for 80% of water pollution in America.

Take arsenic, for example. According to research conducted by London’s Imperial College, long-term exposure to arsenic-contaminated drinking water leads to an increased risk of skin cancer (and other types of cancer). 

Another study showed that just light exposure to water contaminated with cadmium can cause osteoporosis. 

But surely polluted tap water is a problem reserved for developing countries, right?

Not so fast. A massive study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council discovered that the drinking water systems of cities across America are either outdated or insufficient to deliver clean, healthy water. 

“Many cities around the country rely on pre-World War I-era water delivery systems and treatment technology,” the study warns. 

Even modern cities like San Francisco didn’t meet the NRDC’s guidelines for safe water. 

The Cost of Decaying Infrastructure


 The problem with using outdated filtration systems is simple; our water now contains contaminants that engineers would have never considered a hundred years ago. Bacteria and parasites were on their radar, but arsenic and rocket fuel were not. 

Despite the fact that scientists now know there is no safe level of arsenic exposure, more than 22 million Americans use tap water with arsenic levels at 5 parts per billion. 

With water treatment maintenance a low priority for the government, how can you make sure your drinking water is safe?

Avoiding Toxic Chemicals Without Breaking the Bank 


A high-quality water ionizer filtration system is your best bet.

Tyent’s water ionizer filtration system doesn’t just clean your tap water—it filters out contaminants to the same level of safety as water used in kidney dialysis machines. 

Not only that, but the alkaline water delivered by our ionizers has increasingly been shown to provide multiple health benefits. 

Sure, you could wait for your city to repair its aging water treatment infrastructure…or stick to bottled water. But why gamble with your health or waste tons of money on plastic? 

Plus, plastic is not always a safe bet either as you can witness in recent news. 

Still wondering what Tyent’s alkaline water can do for you? Take a peek at our buying guide. And when you’re ready to take the plunge, give our water ionizer experts a call at !

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