Ionized Alkaline Water & a Few Others

          Alkaline, Bottled, Tap, Ionized, Reverse Osmosis…  

                               Water You Talking About?


21646253_s  When I was growing up there were two kinds of water to choose from at my house, tap and hose. Hardly the case today. Nowadays, there is flavored water, infused water, reverse osmosis water, spring water, bottled water, alkaline water, ionized alkaline water, yada yada yada. Sheesh!


It’s enough to blow your mind trying to figure out what they all are. 17579117_s (1)


I thought I would go over a few of them and try to shed a little light.

Tap water.  Whoa, it is known that tap water has a ton of bad chemicals in it and can even be recycled toilet water.  Fish cannot live in it.  I’ve heard enough.

Reverse Osmosis.  This water has a pH level of between five and six.  Next.

Bottled water.  Interesting this one, because in theory, any water that is in a bottle could be considered bottled water.  However, when I think of bottled water, I think of water that is especially pure or good for you in some way and that is why it is bottled.  I’m afraid that’s not the case.  Some bottled water with fancy names is merely bottled municipal water. Municipal, as in, city water that has been processed in some way (often by reverse osmosis) to remove the impurities and then infuse it with minerals, or various flavors. Bottled water is good for big business and horrible for the planet.


Here is a stat to make you wince. According to, each day, sixty million plastic bottles are thrown away.  Sixty million a day!  

Those bottles don’t go away either.  They have the shelf life of gravel.

Unrecycled plastic-bottles 

Sixty Million plastic bottles a day thrown away.


Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water, good for the  body and the planet

Tyent ionized water systems produce water that is very good for you and even great for the world. With a Tyent machine, you can produce pure, healthy, water at home for pennies a glass and help the planet at the same time by eliminating toxic plastic waste. Tyent ionizers will filter your water to 99% purity while making it alkaline rich.


Alkaline water.  Alkaline water is any water that carries a pH level higher than seven.


Ionized alkaline water.  Water created by using electrolysis with positive and negative charges and passing the water over special plates. Ionization breaks down the water molecules into smaller clusters. Having smaller water molecules is beneficial in many ways such as better hydration, faster recovery time after physical exertion and many have reported increased energy.  No company makes a better water ionizer for your home than Tyent USA.


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Overall, it would seem that while there are many choices, there do not seem to be that many good ones. Even if there are some good bottled waters out there, they can get expensive and you still have to deal with the bottle when it’s empty.


With good, pure water , fast becoming a national and even world need and bad water becoming more prevalent and harmful daily, investing in a water purification system from Tyent USA may be one of your better choices.


To learn more please follow the link.



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