Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!


                                 Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!


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Yes, it’s Friday here at Tyent Headquarters, our favorite day of the week before the weekend. Once the afternoon rolls around we pretty much just want to relax and mingle with friends at the office that we have been too busy during the week to interact with.

For this Fun Friday, keeping with tradition, we will of course feature a fun video and a funny joke.

Let’s start with a joke.


A Tourist in New York

A tourist is having a drink atop the Empire State Building in one of the bars one night, and is looking out the window over the city when he is approached by a well-dressed stranger wearing glasses.

Smiling, he asks the tourist “Spectacular view huh?”

“Sure is…I’ve never seen anything like it before.” “This is an incredible building.”

“It certainly is.” The stranger answers. “But this building is more incredible than you may realize.” He continued.

“Really.” asks the tourist. “How so?”

“Well…its fail safe. The architects designed it in such a way that it creates a vortex that continually sweeps around the building creating a constant updraft, so it is virtually impossible to fall from and get hurt.

“You’re kidding me”

“No I’m not. It’s so aerodynamically designed that if you fell out that window you wouldn’t get hurt.” “I mean, you’ll fall a little ways, you may fall twenty…maybe even thirty stories…but then the updraft will catch you and bring you right back up and into this window”

The tourist eyes him warily and says “Yeah…right.”

“Here, I can prove it.” The man says. And with that he quickly raises the window, sits down on the sill facing the tourist. “Hold my drink please, I’ll be right back.” In shock, the tourist takes the drink from his hand and watches in horror as the man with a stupefied smile on his face falls backward out the window. Ninety, eighty, seventy, the stories whiz by; but then amazingly he stops and begins rapidly rising. He rises all the way up and right back into the same window where he drops gently to the floor. He brushes himself off.

“Whew!” “I told you!” he gasped to the stunned tourist. “That was fun!” He took back his drink, finished it off and ordered another.

“I have got to try that!” the tourist beamed. “They won’t believe this back home!”

So he sits down on the window sill, smiles and falls out backward. Ninety, eighty, seventy, sixty, forty, twenty, ten…

The bartender rushes over, slams down the window and says. “Superman!  You can be a real jerk when you’re drinking!”




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I love this video. It encompasses a lot.  Truth, justice, and the American way…of humor!

Enjoy and have a super Fun Friday!

Backin' up woman     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NlEeDYP18E 


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