Molecular Hydrogen Water 101: Reviews and Benefits

Molecular Hydrogen Water is one of the most desired designer waters on the market nowadays. If you’re new to the phenomenon and don’t do your research, then you’re missing out!

Grabbing a bottle of Aquafina on the go may sound convenient, but is it worth missing out on the health benefits that you can get from hydrogen water? In fact, most people don’t know that there are over 1,000 scientific studies on the health benefits of molecular hydrogen – did you?



Have you ever thought about whether hydrogen water has any extra benefits?

Is it worth switching from your regular mineral water to hydrogen water?

 If you have ever thought like this, then you are at the right place!

In this article, you will learn everything (literally EVERYTHING) about molecular hydrogen water!

So, let’s get started! Shall we?

What is Molecular Hydrogen Water?

Molecular hydrogen water is just like regular water with added hydrogen molecules. Hydrogen is mostly colorless and tasteless. That’s why it’s almost impossible to identify through drinking. However, water that’s filled with molecular hydrogen will generally contain more bubbles when it’s first dispensed, which is something you’ll notice with hydrogen and alkaline water from high-quality water ionizers.

Difference Between Regular Water and Molecular Hydrogen Water

Initially, there might not seem to be much of a difference between the two types of water.

But many say that molecular hydrogen water provides additional health benefits as the hydrogen is not bound to oxygen (like regular water).

People may hesitate before getting molecular hydrogen water if they can’t see the research that’s been made about the phenomenon. Again, there have actually been over 1,000 scientific studies and peer-reviewed articles that indicate the therapeutic health properties of molecular hydrogen and hydrogen water.

Based on these studies, many big brands advertise that hydrogen water can

  • decrease inflammation
  • boost athletic performance

and it also has anti-aging benefits!

Why Doesn’t Everyone Consider Having Hydrogen Water?

The bitter truth is most people don’t consider the bottled kind of molecular hydrogen water because it doesn’t exist in plastic bottles. You can’t keep molecular hydrogen contained in plastic bottles because the hydrogen molecules are so small that they dissipate. In turn, there is alkaline water, but it is expensive and missing the special antioxidants that molecular hydrogen water contains.

There are foil packs of molecular hydrogen water, but buying a single serving of alkaline water costs around $3-4 for each bottle.  If you consume 3-4 cans/pouches per day, it will still cost around $12-15 whereas a liter of Aquafina bottle costs $1+. The difference seems to say it all, doesn’t it?

However, the prices and analyses apply only to bottled hydrogen and alkaline water. Whether it’s regular water or hydrogen water, a bottled drinking source isn’t a great option since it could contain plastic-based chemicals and small particles.

There are other healthier and cost-effective options like

  • Hydrogen tablets
  • Portable hydrogen water generators

These two methods above don’t filter your water, so you would need to filter your water first.

Electric hydrogen water machines (also known as water ionizers) are the best option as a one-time purchase.

How Is Molecular Hydrogen Water Made?

As you already know, Water (H2O) already has hydrogen. Basically, hydrogen water uses additional hydrogen gas liquefied into it.

However, hydrogen water has

  • 0 carbs
  • 0 carbohydrates
  • 0 fat
  • 0 protein

Just like regular water.


But many manufacturers add healthy ingredients like

  • Multivitamins
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Potassium

and other essential minerals.

History of Molecular Hydrogen Water

The hype about hydrogen water started in Asia in the 1960s. There, water ionizers, many of which produce hydrogen water, are certified medical devices.

Many people around the world consume hydrogen water daily. In fact, they use hydrogen water machines so that they can have it every day.

While researching hydrogen water, I have found that many Asian people believe that Hydrogen Water helps them to:

  • improve their mood
  • treat mental illnesses like anxiety

and it may help with life-changing diseases.


Countries like Japan and Korea are always on the cutting edge of molecular hydrogen water research (also known as H2 water), and they have done most of the research on Hydrogen Water.

As a result, today, molecular hydrogen drinks are popular worldwide. Also, the popularity is so high that it was given to all the ACADEMY AWARD nominees in the swag bag.

Nowadays, many health-conscious people use hydrogen machines and drink Hydrogen Water every day. Many believe Hydrogen Water is the next big thing in the wellness industry.

But looking at its global response, we can say it’s not just Asia that’s noticing the health benefits of molecular hydrogen water. It may be the next sensation of the global wellness industry as well.

An Unclear Doubt About Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is still a new thing to the global audience, so as I mentioned, lots of people may not have access to the available research that’s been done. However, there have been many trials involving human participants that emphasize the potential benefits of hydrogen water.

One example is an experiment that was done by a Japanese group where they had hydrogen water for a month. After a month, there were no negative results. Instead, everyone experienced improved moods, no anxiety, and a better nerve system.

Another study showed how drinking hydrogen water aided in improving the sports performance and post-workout recovery of athletes. The experiment studied how hydrogen water may help reduce oxidative stress in the body.

As the demand for hydrogen water increases, more peer-reviewed research will emerge.

Health Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen Water

First of all, before hydrogen water, it’s water, so it’s definitely beneficial to our bodies. If you want the best kind of hydrogen water available, skip the bottle and bring home a machine so that you can experience the health benefits listed below!



Molecular Hydrogen Water 101 Reviews and Benefits


Here are some of the health benefits of molecular hydrogen water you should know:

  • Keeps You Hydrated

One of the other things that hydrogen water will do is to keep you hydrated in a way that lasts. The hydrogen particles and bio-available minerals in the water can penetrate your blood-brain barrier and boost your hydration levels immediately.

  • Provides Antioxidants

Free radicals cause many diseases like inflammation and oxidative stress in our human body, leading us to age faster.

The hydrogen molecule of hydrogen water fights all of those free radicals. This way, it saves your body from inflammation, oxidative stress, early aging, and other chronic diseases.

  • Boosts Mood

As we mentioned earlier, studies show that hydrogen water can really help you to improve your overall mood. It also keeps your skin moisturized and supple, and we all know that looking better can make you feel better.

  • May Help with Different Metabolic Syndromes (Weight Loss)

Antioxidants have been found to reduce the possibility of metabolic syndromes.  People with different metabolic syndromes like excess body fat, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol have seen a bit better performance with diverse metabolic syndromes.

However, if you want to boost your metabolism consistently, then you should follow metabolic programs along with drinking this.

  • May Improve Athletic Performance

Many brands market their hydrogen water like it’s an energy drink, and it’s understandable to see why. While electrolyte-filled energy drinks are mainly helpful for athletes who need to accomplish intensive training programs every day, they still contain sugars and other ingredients that add lots of calories and even increase your risk for certain illnesses if you rely on them too often.

On the other hand, hydrogen water contains beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that energize you without any sugar. There are studies that back this up.


Then, is it the same as tap water?

No! According to a study, people who drink hydrogen water feel stronger and perform slightly better than those who drink tap water. Using a hydrogen water machine or water ionizer that’s specifically made to filter and ionize your water will give you a cleaner drinking source, too.

Studies show that H2 water helps decrease the rate of muscle fatigue as well.


Molecular Hydrogen Water Review: My Experience

Just out of curiosity and getting an opportunity to use a hydrogen water machine/water ionizer, I decided to use it and drink hydrogen water for a while.

I found the water feels quite lighter than the regular water, tastes cleaner, and was refreshing.

What I liked was that I have seen noticeable changes in my mood, and I was facing less anxiety.

I was also feeling a bit stronger too, which is really cool.

Unfortunately, I only had access to the hydrogen machine/water ionizer for a limited amount of time, and once I had to get back to my place and I shifted to regular water, I still tried to have hydrogen water for the first few days, and it cost me $9-15 a day. Then I gave up.

After doing more research I learned that getting my own water ionizer would be the smartest choice. Tyent water ionizers produce water that costs only 6¢ a glass, so that’s on my purchase list for sure.


Do I Recommend It?

If you get the opportunity to have hydrogen water for free, or if you get a hydrogen water machine or water ionizer like Tyent, then, yes, you can definitely go for it.

But, if you don’t have any of these and you cannot afford such expensive bottled hydrogen water every day, then it’s time to put your health first and invest in a unit. After all, Tyent has financing programs that are as low as $25 a month – which is way less than buying regular bottled water and less than your morning cup of Joe too. Again, bottled water isn’t a great option no matter what kind of water you’re drinking.

In addition to switching to molecular hydrogen water, you can add some fruits like apples to your water at home too; which will boost your results even further.


Final Words

Molecular hydrogen water is 100% effective, but don’t expect great results from the pouches of molecular hydrogen water that you can buy online. Be sure that you get the right kind of hydrogen water produced by a water ionizer or hydrogen water machine.

If you have the opportunity to have hydrogen water, go for it; it’s definitely better than the regular water that we have in our everyday life.



Guest post by:
Linda Walter

Workout Lunatic

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