101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 7: Doctors, Wellness Centers and Tyent Water

101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 7: Doctors, Wellness Centers and Tyent Water

It’s always reassuring to hear what the medical establishment has to say about Tyent Water, and we greatly value the endorsements we get from doctors and medical professionals.

  1. Dr. Francisco Contreras, MD

Renowned Oncologist and Surgeon at Oasis of Hope Hospital, and author of many books including The Hope of Living Cancer Free and The Hope of Living Long and Well, is a well-known advocate of Tyent Water.



  1. Dr. Gus Spatharakis

Dr. Gus Spatharakis is a longstanding fan of alkaline water and acknowledged authority on Applied Kinesiology.  Working from one of his Advanced Heath and Wellness Centers, you can hear what Dr. Gus has to say about Tyent Water here.


  1. Dr. Alvin Stein MD, FACS, Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award 2008

Dr.-Alvin-Stein-MD,-FACSDr Alvin Stein has been a board certified orthopedic surgeon for over 35 years, and is highly experienced in all types of orthopedic surgery, earning the respect of his surgical peers for his tremendous work.  He is also a fan of  Tyent Water, saying,

“The beauty of Tyent Water is that it penetrates into the cells and hydrates the cells at the cellular level.”

The List of Doctors Who Love Their Tyent Water Ionizer Continues…

  1. Dr. Christopher Fiordaliso 

Dr.ChristophePennsylvania Chiropractor Dr. Fiordaliso has been practicing for over 16 years, and is dedicated to helping patients to find solutions to their problems.  We really appreciate him taking the time to share his view of Tyent Water!

“As far as my practice goes, I recommend Tyent Water™ to everyone.”

  1. Dr. Robb Tanella 

Dr.-Robb-Tanella,-DCDr. Robb Tanella is an established chiropractor, and strives to find the right combination of treatments for his patients.  His view on Tyent Water?

What I have found to be most effective is the alkalized, energized ionic water that is created by the Tyent hydration system.”

  1. Dr. Joe Fawcett 

Dr.-Joe-Fawcett,-DCThe Tyent machine performs far above anything else that is out there.” No, not just our view, but one shared by Dr Fawcett, a chiropractor since 1984 and practitioner from his Health, Wellness and Fitness Clinic in Texas.



  1. Dr. Brian Sheen

Dr. Sheen is the Executive Director of The Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  Operating at an optimum physical and mental level is something that Dr. Sheen strives for; and he states, “I look forward to a longer and healthier life because of my use of the Tyent Water Ionizer and have happily shared this knowledge with others.”

  1. Stephanie Tippie

Tyent Water fan Stephanie Tippie is a co-owner of an established and respected anti-aging clinic, and is dedicated to finding anti-aging solutions and lifestyle tips for her clients.  She shares her view that alkaline water is the best type of water for hydration, and better hydration means a more hydrated, and youthful appearance.

  1. Dr. Nancy McClellan DC Dipl. Ac.

Dr Nancy McClellan, a well-known and authoritative chiropractor, understands the benefits of drinking alkaline water and says, “I consider alkaline ionized water from a Tyent machine one of the most important things a person can do for themselves and their family’s health.”  We can’t help but agree with that!

  1. Dr. Richard Powell, Naturopathic Physician 

Dr. Richard Powell shares that he recommends that his patients drink Tyent Water.

We confess that we’re proud that trusted doctors and medical experts have such good things to say about Tyent Water.  Give us a call +1 855-893-6887 to talk about which of our ionizers is right for you!

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101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 7: Doctors, Wellness Centers and Tyent Water
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