When You Compare Drinking Colas to Drinking Tyent Ionized Water…There Really is No Comparison (Version 2)

In case you missed yesterday’s blog, a person asked why they couldn’t just get all the water they needed from sodas and other soft drinks.  I assume they wanted to know for two reasons: one, they don’t drink much water and two, they drink a lot of soda.

Colas come up a little flat when compared to Tyent water.
Colas come up a little flat when compared to Tyent water.

Sugar is one big reason why you don’t want to do that, not to mention the acidic environment it creates in the body. Which leads us to the perfect segue into Tyent ionized alkaline water.

Ionized Alkaline Water from Tyent

Tyent’s water ionizers are legendary for creating remarkably clean water. Water that is purer, tastes better, is mineral rich and contains antioxidants proven to be free radical assassins.  Nuts, berries and beans all contain antioxidants that attack free radicals, which is why they are so highly recommended by nutritionists and doctors alike.

Those are just the beginning of the health benefits of Tyent alkaline water.

Why is Tyent Water Better For You?

When water is introduced into an award winning Tyent alkaline ionizer unit, it is highly filtered by Tyent’s exclusive Dual Filtration process that reduces the presence of hundreds of chemicals to safe levels for drinking. 

The water is then exposed to a series of positive and negative charges which leave the water rich in hydrogen and ultra-hydrating. While heavy sugar-water is wreaking havoc on your system, Tyent Water is busy flushing toxins and fat cells from your body.  

How else is Tyent Alkaline Water Better than Sodas?

 As if flushing poisonous toxins wasn’t enough. 

Were you aware that last year the Mayor of New York city was trying to ban the sale of large soft drinks in an effort to get people healthier?  Tragically, nearly two-thirds of children in America are now overweight or borderline obese from eating too much junk food, drinking too many weight gaining sugary soft drinks and a living sedentary life style. 


The law did not pass but the reasoning behind it was noble and brought awareness to the fact that those sugar-laden drinks are doing a lot of damage to people’s health right now and will do even more as the years go by.

Tyent Water is so much better for you to drink.  And when you carry your Tyent Water in a portable GoodLife Bottle, you’ll maintain the convenience of soda. Ionized alkaline water also contains natural minerals that are so necessary to good health and our GoodLife bottles are specially designed to protect those health properties when you’re on the go.  You won’t find those type of benefits in soda. 

Give Me 5!

Here is a short list of beneficial ways Tyent ionized water is so good for you.  Forget comparing this list to the benefits of drinking colas…there is no such thing. 

  1. Tyent’s Dual Filtration system drastically reduces the presence of hundreds of chemicals found in tap water
  1. Tyent Alkaline Water contains important and vital minerals
  1. Better hydration and better flushing of impurities from the body
  1. Tyent water is replete with antioxidants to inhibit the formation of disease causing free radicals
  1. Tyent’s water ionizers create alkaline water with a pH level of above 9.5 

Those are a mere handful of reasons you should be drinking clean, refreshing and amazingly good for you, ionized alkaline water from The Tyent Alkaline Water Company.

Are you an ex-soda drinker? Leave us a comment and share how you kicked your cola habit.

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