Dehydration Strikes Two Runners at Toronto Marathon

Dehydration can be a killer. The summer heat and physical activity can unfortunately be a nasty combination. Are you ready for a better answer than just sports drinks and bottled water?


Listen to Your Body

It’s easy to ignore the signs that your body is getting dangerously dehydrated. Just this past week I was at a family BBQ, where I spent all day sitting in the sun and eating salty food.

I wasn’t drinking nearly enough water, and sure enough the signs of dehydration started creeping up on me—my mouth was bone-dry, I had a pounding headache and I felt unusually sleepy.

Luckily, I didn’t make it to what doctors consider “severe” dehydration, with symptoms described by the Mayo Clinic like:

  • Fever;

  • Rapid breathing;

  • Rapid heart rate;

  • And low blood pressure.

Once you get to this stage, it might be time to see a doctor.

Get immediate medical care if you develop severe signs and symptoms such as extreme thirst, a lack of urination, shriveled skin, dizziness and confusion. -The Mayo Clinic

Everyone from Athletes to the Elderly Are at Risk


“It’s OK, I had some water last week. I’m good.”

The bad thing is that many times we equate true dehydration with simply being “a little thirsty.” In reality though, dehydration can be a dangerous medical condition that can require immediate attention.

In fact, just this month two marathon runners in Toronto were treated for dehydration with IV fluids. Despite athletes being highly in tune with their bodies, these runners still couldn’t anticipate the early warning signs of dehydration and needed medical attention.

Sure, you could waste tons of money on brightly colored sports drinks and bottled water to stay hydrated throughout the day—but I don’t like wasting money, and I’m sure you don’t, either.

Protect Your Health with High-Quality Ionized Water


That’s why I made the switch to Tyent’s alkaline ionized water. Studies have indicated that alkaline water’s powerful properties include increased hydration, meaning better protection against the dangerous effects of dehydration on a hot summer day.

I know it works wonders for me; I don’t have to take a gallon of water with me to the gym anymore.

When you’re ready to protect your health with the power of ionized water, glance over Tyent’s water ionizer buying guide today.

Don’t take a risk with the summer heat—the best way to stay hydrated and safe is right in front of you!

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4 thoughts on “Dehydration Strikes Two Runners at Toronto Marathon

    1. Hi, Cole. We’d love to answer all of your questions, so please call our water ionizer experts at 855-893-6887.

  1. It’s even more important to protect ourselves against hydration in the heat of summer. Thank you for the advice.

    1. Hi, Frank. We totally agree with you! Since many of us will be out vacationing soon, we should always bring at least one jug filled with water (preferably ultra-hydrating alkaline water) so that we never go thirsty and risk being dehydrated.

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