Can a Tyent Water Ionizer Improve Your Life? (Updated)

While most of this week’s blogs have been more about the company behind the product (Tyent), with its sterling reputation for providing a high quality product as well as unmatched Customer Service, questions have been coming in and today I’d like to answer some of them.

We have answers.
We have answers.

I would like to state beforehand that Tyent offers a liberal, Lifetime Warranty on their ionized alkaline water machines.  That should afford some peace of mind to any prospective customer considering the purchase of a water ionizer from another company.

Alright then, first question of the day.  I have to admit that I get a kick out of some of these questions. 

When I first read some of them I wonder, of all the questions one could ask about ionized alkaline water, how did you think of this one

It’s a good question, just…different.

Does Alkaline Water Make You Pee More?  

That depends.  For the answer to be a yes or no is in direct correlation to the amount of alkaline water you drink, or any water for that matter. 

It is interesting that while ionized alkaline water is better at hydrating your body and better at flushing out fat cells and toxins, one can actually drink less alkaline water than regular water and achieve a healthier result.  

Therefore, the answer is mixed.  It stands to reason that if you drink more alkaline water you will probably pee more. 

If you drink less alkaline water you will pee less.  Either way, drinking alkaline water is so much better for your body so you can pee less but pee more effectively.  

Next up.  

What is an Ionized Alkaline Water Machine?  

It is a machine designed to transform ordinary, dirty tap water into clean, refreshingly healthy water that is really good for you for many reasons.

In a Tyent water ionizer this is achieved in stages.  The first stage of the process begins with our superior Dual Filtration system that cleans the water by reducing the presence or nearly eliminating hundreds of harmful chemicals that are proven to be lurking in your everyday tap water.  

The second phase is transforming the water through a process known as electrolysis.  The influent (incoming) water passes over a series of plates that is then electronically zapped with a series of positive and negative charges creating hydrogen rich water which is more easily absorbed by the body and more effectively flushes the organs.   

The pH level is also elevated to be above 9.5 on the pH Scale, making it alkaline.  With a Tyent machine you can adjust the pH level to much higher numbers when needed and reduce them to way below 7.0, making the water acidic for facial toners or chemical-free household cleaning

This can all be accomplished at the touch of a stylish keypad.  

Ready to see how your own water ionizer could improve your life? Call us at  to discuss our attractive financing options.

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