Three Ultimate Gift Ideas Anyone Will Love!

Deliberated too long?  Been working flat out and lifted your head from your desk to realize that there’s only 3 shopping days left until Christmas?   Panic not.  Whether you’ve failed to buy for a colleague, friend or even that very special someone (we’re not judging), wipe the frenzied shopping sweat from your brow, my friend, and read on.

"Whaddya mean it’s Christmas Eve?  Does this gift list look even slightly checked off to you?"    
“Whaddya mean it’s Christmas Eve?  Does this gift list look even slightly checked off to you?”

GoodLife Bottle

Sleeker than Kim Kardashian’s hair extensions, but far less expensive, the supremely stylish GoodLife Bottle makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves hitting the gym, the walking trail or the shopping mall.   Eco-friendly, with state of the art design, the GoodLife is the first purpose-made alkaline water bottle.  Alkaline water anytime, anywhere, and with fabulous looks!

Tyent Shower Filters

Stumped when it comes to someone who is lucky enough to have {almost} everything?  They’ll be thanking you long after Christmas is over if they found one of these under the tree.  Tyent shower filters come in a range to suit all budgets, and will change the way you shower forever.  The filter removes chlorine, dirt and sediment, as well as cleansing your shower water of iron oxide and hydrogen sulfide.  Gravity-fed, so your flow-rate is unchanged, all of our Tyent Shower Filters fit most standard shower pipes.  Go on, reinvent showering for someone!

UCE-9000 Turbo Water Ionizer

For someone special in your life, gifts don’t come much more desirable than the Tyent UCE-9000 IonizerFrom it’s high-end, beautifully designed functionality, to it’s state of the art performance; this would be the ultimate present on Christmas morning.   With nine solid/mesh hybrid medical grade plates and automatic control with built-in CPU chips which ensures that flow rates and water quality are optimized every time you use it; backed by a Platinum Lifetime Guarantee, the UCE-9000 is the gift that literally keeps on giving.

Romantic Couple Exchanging Christmas Gifts At Home

Shucks Face

So relax.  No need to panic-buy that last scented candle left on the shelf, slightly battered and yet still festively overpriced.   Shop from our short-but-sweet list of gift ideas and practice your ‘Aw, it was nothing, really,’ face for Christmas morning.  Your only problem will be topping this lot next Christmas!

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