7 Things to Never Do During the Holiday Season


There are so many fun activities associated with the holidays like parties, gift giving, caroling and lavish meals but just as important as what you do during the holidays is what you do not do.

Alkaline water is good for the body and voice!
Alkaline water is good for the body and voice!

Through all the business and chaos of the season, it is important for people everywhere to keep track of their health. One great way to maintain energy levels and feel your best is to drink alkaline water from a Tyent water ionizer.

Tyent’s 7 Things to Never Do and How a Water Ionizer Can Help:

  1. Let Yourself Get Dehydrated

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Hydration is an essential part of life, but studies show that most people don’t drink enough water. When people become dehydrated, fatigue sets in and physical and mental capacities are reduced. Headaches and dizziness are also symptoms of dehydration that can be avoided simply by drinking alkaline water regularly.

  1. Have a Hangover After a Party

Holiday parties are a lot of fun, but sometimes waking up in the morning after a party is not. Alkaline water helps to prevent hangovers by providing hydration and antioxidants to the body after alcohol consumption.

  1. Overeat

The holidays are ripe with delicious foods, drinks, and desserts but all the delicacies can lead to weight gain if you aren’t careful. A great trick to reduce calories while feasting during the holidays is to drink a glass of Tyent alkaline water 30 minutes before eating. Alkaline water fills you up so that you eat less overall because food should be enjoyable, not the cause of extra stress.

  1. Catch a Cold

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Winter weather means more time is spent indoors in close proximity to others which can lead to the spread of colds. Alkaline water acts to support the immune system, delivering a powerful combination of antioxidants including manganese that stops colds before they can make you sick.

  1. Miss Out on Sleep

A healthy, well-rested body is important whether you will be hitting the slopes for the weekend or ice skating at the mall. Staying hydrated throughout the day is important for establishing a pattern of good sleep. Before turning in for the night, drink a final glass of alkaline water to help maintain hydration overnight.

  1. Stop Exercising
Winter offers unique exercise opportunities like skating. Always remember to drink alkaline water, even in the cold.
Winter offers unique exercise opportunities like skating. Always remember to drink alkaline water, even in the cold.

Sometimes, holiday events and travel plans can ruin our exercise routines, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Even if you can’t make it to the gym, a brisk walk or jog can be enough to help you stay healthy. Then, speed your recovery up afterward with alkaline water.

  1. Give a Gift that Gets Forgotten

We have all been on both sides of this issue, either giving or receiving a gift that is not a hit. Luckily, if you know someone with a water ionizer, Tyent has dozens of awesome gift ideas that are sure to impress. From shower filters, to water bottles, to laundry balls and more, Tyent water ionizer accessories are guaranteed to please!

Do, or, rather, don’t do these seven things this holiday season with a Tyent water ionizer by your side!

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