How to Save Money on Organic Produce with Alkaline Water

Organic is big business these days. We’re all digging deep to pay more for food that doesn’t come with a side order of chemicals. If you want your food without potential extras of pesticides, herbicides, growth inhibitors, growth stimulators and more, then you have to grow your own or buy organic, right?

"It looks clean, but appearances aren’t everything."
“It looks clean, but appearances aren’t everything.”

“Gonna Wash That Stuff Right Off All My Veg…”

Well you know, there is another way. As far as vegetables and fruit are concerned, with your Tyent Ionizer Turbo water, you can eat clean without going organic. Here’s how: produce is generally coated with oil-based pesticides and herbicides that won’t wash off with water alone. That figures, right? What would be the point in treating crops, only to have them lose their protective coat after one downpour of rain?

So when you try to wash your apples, tomatoes or bell peppers (all on the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list of produce with the most pesticide residue), regular water just slides off the surface of the treatment agents. You think that you’ve washed your produce, but the pesky pesticides remain, unseen and quite unmoved by your efforts.


Now for the good news! Tyent Turbo water is so alkaline that instead of sliding off the surface; it actually emulsifies the oil based pesticides and herbicides, enabling you to wash off the unwanted residue.


You can even put it to the test: place two unwashed tomatoes in a glass bowl of regular water, and two in a glass bowl of Turbo water. Swirl the water and then watch: the regular water will stay clear. That’s because it hasn’t actually shifted any of the pesticides and herbicides on the tomatoes. Now look in the bowl containing Tyent Turbo water – you can see that the water has started to discolor. The Turbo water is emulsifying the residue and removing it.

Watch The Alkaline Water Wash!

When clean, chemical-free fresh produce is this easy, then why pay more for organic? Take a look at this video to watch the experiment above, and for more information on the tremendous benefits of Tyent Turbo water!

And don’t forget that all our ionizers come with a Turbo water feature. Check out our products here for more information!

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