Why Tyent Water Ionizers are the Best of the Best (Revised)

All week long (and long before) I have been touting the myriad reasons why Tyent is one of the top companies in the ionized alkaline water business. 

We don't mind tooting our own horn.
We don’t mind tooting our own horn.

From our award-winning water ionizers, which were given the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Ionizer the last three years in a row, to our unsurpassed Customer Service and unmatched Lifetime Warranty, Tyent stands above the rest.   

That alone should give you an indication of the quality and confidence we have built into every machine we sell.  However, to close out the week, TGIF, I wanted to let the people who have purchased a Tyent machine tell you what they feel about their machine and relay their experience drinking the remarkable water that comes out.  

Before we begin though, I have to answer one question that came into the office.  

Does Alkaline Water Emulsify Oil?  

First, emulsify simply means to mix two liquids together to create an emulsion. 

I have seen the demonstration where a Kangen alkaline water representative pours oil into Kangen water in a tank and mixes it up and honestly, I don’t get it. 

Okay, you are mixing two substances that really don’t play together very nicely and now they kind of do.  I am not sure what that means even if they do blend better in alkaline water.   

Therefore, my answer is I guess it does; but so what?  Regardless, I will definitely keep that in mind the next time I get a hankerin’ for a good ol’ glass of oily water.    


To my way of thinking, nothing promotes a product better than a strong recommendation from someone who has firsthand experience using it.  

Dr.-Robb-Tanella,-DCThe following testimony comes from Doctor Robb Tanella of Washington, DC.    

“I have worked with hundreds of different supplements to try to accomplish alkalinity in my patients’ bodies, but what I have found to be most effective is the alkalized, energized ionic water that is created by the Tyent hydration system.

 I believe that Tyent Water is the most effective, and most powerful agent that I have used thus far in alkalizing my patients, and I’m very grateful and so are my patients that I have these kinds of tools to be able to work with”.                                                

Here is an impressive testimony from Rob Buchter, former Braves pitcher and now pitching for the LA Dodgers.

The Tyent System has changed the way I live, feel, and play.  I couldn’t imagine drinking regular or bottled water ever again.”

“My energy levels are higher; my recovery is quicker than ever.”


It is a proven fact that people who own, use, and depend on their Tyent ionized alkaline water purifiers, absolutely love them.  They love the undeniable results they have attained from drinking Tyent Water.

The alkaline water machines they own and rave about are the very machines that you can own and rave about yourself. This is not some bait & switch operation in which you are shown one product and then sold another.  These fantastic machines work. Want to learn more? Download our buyer’s guide now.

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