The Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company Wants You to Drink Clean Water (Version 2.0)

It is well established that water flowing from our faucets at home contain a lot of chemicals that we don’t want to drink and frankly, shouldn’t.  

How safe is your tap water?
How safe is your tap water?

If you drink tap water at home as many people do, you are subjecting your body to literally hundreds of dangerous chemicals that are proven to be poisonous and even deadly in large enough amounts. Fertilizers and insecticides from agricultural run off find their way into our water system as do dangerous drugs from pharmaceutical dumping, medical waste and overall pollution.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that now, you don’t have to be drinking that poison.  While no water purifying system removes all chemicals from tap water, the water ionizers from Tyent are seriously effective at reducing the presence of these chemicals to a standard far superior than treated city water.

When laboratory tested, Tyent machines showed a remarkable capacity for lowering the levels of these pollutants.  Furthermore, scores of chemical readings were reduced to practically zero.

Tyent Water is More Than Just Clean Water

When tap water is introduced into a Tyent water purifying system the magic begins.  Through our Dual Filtration system the water is heavily filtered for the removal of impurities.  Our filters are extremely effective at nearly eliminating many potentially harmful chemicals and dropping the level of others way below what is considered safe. 

After filtration, the water is then subjected to a series of electrical shocks which ionizes it.  The end result is water that is now alkaline, 9.5 on the pH scale.  Natural minerals occur through this process which are necessary to keep the body working properly.

Other waters such as distilled, contains no minerals as they are stripped away through the reverse osmosis process employed to create this very acidic distilled water.  Good for a steam iron…really bad for the body. 

In addition, when the process to create Tyent Water is completed, you have hydrogen rich water that is much cleaner, better tasting, mineral and antioxidant rich, and water that will hydrate your body at the cellular level.  No tap water can do that. 

Kangen Machines Cost Four Thousand Dollars, Can Tyent Beat That Price?

Tyent can shred that price and look what you get for the money compared to a Kangen machine. 

  • With Tyent, you never have to add dangerous chemicals to your purifier (you do with Kangen)
  • Tyent Water is filled with minerals and antioxidants
  • Hydrogen rich water whets you whistle and flushes your system more effectively

Yes, you can certainly buy another water ionizer from another company but you won’t get what you get from a Tyent ionized alkaline water purifying system.  We were voted Ionizer of the Year the last three years and counting – that’s no fluke.

We make great machines at affordable prices, offer an incredible warranty and have a Customer Service Department that is there to help with any questions you may have.

Wondering about the quality of your tap water? Sign up now for a free water report. Or call us at  to chat about which of our ionizers is the best one for you!

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