Power to the People! 11-plate Water Ionizers are Here!


Power to the People!  11-plate Water Ionizers are Here!

This week at Tyent USA, we introduced our new 11-plate water ionizers.  We are as excited as you are, and these are selling like hot cakes.  We only had 500 to start and we are down to 200, so they are going fast.  There’s wonder why!  It’s the only residential 11 plate unit…on the planet!

We kept the same great look that you love on the outside and added more power on the inside.  The 11-plate models are available in the countertop MMP style and the sleek and stylish under-the-counter UCE style.  The plates are the same size and quality solid/mesh hybrid, medical grade, strengthened titanium plates dipped multiple times in platinum.

 11 plate water ionizer from Tyent USA - tyentusa.com

Drinking Tyent Water can improve your health in many ways.  Some of the benefits of drinking Tyent Water include:

  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss
  • Radiant skin
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Immune system support
  • Packed with antioxidants

Read more about the benefits of Tyent Water by clicking on this link  The Ultimate Alkaline Water Guide.

Here is a quick reference guide to the features of our new 11-plate water ionizers.

Our 11-plate Water Ionizers have:

  • 27% higher power
  • 20% better – ORP levels
  • 20% lower turbo acidic levels
  • 40% faster flow rate, resulting in less waste water

MMP 11-plate Turbo Water Ionizer features:

Tyent USA MMP 11-plate water ionizer - tyentusa.com

  • 4 alkaline, 3 acidic and 1 neutral power settings, including turbo.
  • Fully adjustable power levels with 55 presets.
  • Negative ORP up to -1050*
  • pH levels of 1.7 – 12.0*
  • Tyent USA’s Lifetime Guarantee

UCE 11-plate Turbo Water Ionizer features:

Tyent's UCE 11-plate under the counter water ionizer - tyentusa.com

  • 3 alkaline, 3 acidic, 1 neutral, and 1 turbo for both alkaline and acidic output power settings.
  • Fully adjustable power setting with 99 presets per level.
  • Negative ORP up to -1050*
  • pH levels of 1.7 – 12.0*
  • Tyent USA’s Lifetime Guarantee

We are so excited to offer you our powerful 11-plate water ionizer machines!  Like we mentioned above, we only have 200 left available for preorder at a special introductory price.  Hurry and get yours today before they sell out!

We would love to answer any questions you may have for us, so please either comment below or call us at .

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