Find Out Why Water Ionizer Plates are so Important!

Posted by: Rhona Reid On April 20, 2017 12:00 pm

Water ionizer plates are actually really fascinating to learn about.  Whether your interest is mechanical, health-driven or aesthetic, ionizer plates are pretty fascinating things!

Ionization happens when water passes over the plates.  But not like this.
Why are Water Ionizer Plates so Important?

A water ionizer often rises or falls on a few key elements.  One of those factors is the quality of its plates.

The electrically charged plates in an ionizer are a vital component in the ionization process.  The filtered water flows over them in the electrolysis chamber enabling positive and negative electrical charges to pass through the liquid creating acidic and alkaline water.

The plates in a Tyent ionizer are something very special.  We know …

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Power to the People! 11-plate Water Ionizers are Here!

Posted by: tyent On July 12, 2013 10:33 pm


Power to the People!  11-plate Water Ionizers are Here!

This week at Tyent USA, we introduced our new 11-plate water ionizers.  We are as excited as you are, and these are selling like hot cakes.  We only had 500 to start and we are down to 200, so they are going fast.  There’s wonder why!  It’s the only residential 11 plate unit…on the planet!

We kept the same great look that you love on the outside and added more power on the inside.  The 11-plate models are available in the countertop MMP style and the sleek and stylish under-the-counter UCE style.  The plates are the same size and quality solid/mesh hybrid, medical grade, strengthened titanium plates dipped multiple times …

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